I made a mistake last Sunday. I received fair warning. I was told, in explicit detail, to avoid watching the movie, Marley & Me. My love for animals is no secret and this movie stung a bit. Okay, stung a lot. Few movies have saddened me to the point of tears.  Castaway, Pay it Forward, Patch Adams, Forrest Gump, Life is Beautiful and My Life as a House are among the few. You can be warned, you can be fully aware of the ending, but you cannot escape the waterfall of tears if you chose to make the same mistake.
My dog Rusty has been a huge part of my life, a giant part of my family, since I was nineteen. I’ve loved and cared for him a long time. He’s nearly entirely blind due to his cataracts, he moves much slower, and his once reddish hair has begun to gray. I know he, like every living thing, will not live forever. I know this fact, and yet, I cannot bear the thought. Marley & Me forced me to the future and I felt immediate heartbreak. I still do.  I sat between Steven (who had already watched it once, glutton) and Audrey while crying, no sobbing, to the point of embarrassment. I cried until I was out tears. I cried enough to leave proof of crying, in the form of swollen and puffy circles under my eyes the next morning.
I have trouble watching the ASPCA commercials with Sarah McLachlan, I struggle inside the Arkansas Humane Society, and I get a little weepy on kickball Sunday’s because the Little Rock Animal Shelter can be seen when I drive into Interstate Park. Clearly, others share my opinion. Larry Betz, Founder of the Little Rock Kickball Association, and better known to fellow kickballers as “Poo”  started the LRKA in memorial of friends he lost. The LRKA is one part fun and one part charity. This spring, our charity event benefits the animals. We (each LRKA team) will be donating food, toys, treats, flea treatment, bedding, etc. to the needy dogs, cats, puppies and kittens at the Little Rock Animal Shelter. All items will be taken to Interstate Park this Sunday, April 19th. If you would like to reach out and help, but can’t bring yourself to walk through the door of the shelter like myself, I encourage you to come by this Sunday. Poo will be at the park between noon and 7pm. You can’t miss him. He cruises around via golf cart. Otherwise, monetary or aforementioned donations can be mailed to:
c/o Larry Betz
1904 Berry Place Drive
Conway, Arkansas 72032
Each donation offers more time to an animal. More time to be adopted. Time is priceless.
Additionally, Scotty Adams, a kickballers for 10+ seasons, has organized “Craws for Paws,” benefitting the Humane Society for Pulaski County. The event will be held on Friday, April 24th in the Rivermarket Paviliion from 7pm until midnight. Tickets can be purchased for $25 in advance or for $30 at the door. One ticket gets you unlimited crawfish, fixins, unlimited beer, live music, and a great time shared by other animal lovers, for a great cause.  For tickets:
www.CrawsforPaws.com or call
501.690.6909 for more information.
Animals love unconditionally. They offer forgiveness without question. They sense our happiness, our sadness. If I could rescue every animal on death row, every animal in an abusive situation, every animal in need of a home…