“Sentimental music has this great way of taking you back somewhere at the same time it takes you forward, so you feel nostalgic and hopeful at the same time.” Nick Hornby (High Fidelity)
Thursday evening, June 25th, I joined my friend Kelly (and two others who shall remain nameless to protect their reputation) at a local pub for dinner and a beer. Michael Jackson, the undisputable “King of Pop,” passed away earlier the same evening, inspiring conversation of his life. I believe I opened the can of worms by stating, “I can’t believe Michael Jackson died. He was a weirdo but I cannot think of another more influential, more iconic entertainer. Maybe Elvis?” One nameless friend (whom I’ll refer to as “Betty” from here on out,) chimes in with, “Glad he’s gone. I never liked him.” The other nameless friend (whom I’ll call “Fred,”) agrees with “Betty,”stating,“Yep, one less pervert in the world.” Completely appalled, I am immediately defensive, “Yeah, okay, again he was a strange duck but he contributed a great deal… more than anyone I can think of… to pop music. He paved the way for a ton of artists. The man was an amazing entertainer. Elvis (whom I don’t care for) holds a candle, but name another.” Prepare and brace yourself, sit down even, for THE all-time stupidest of stupid retorts ever uttered in the history of wasted words: “Rascal Flatts.” Yes friends, my friend said Rascal Flatts were better, more influential, more revolutionary entertainers. She also included “Keith Urban.” Uh huh. A person cannot invent this kind of stupidity, and I am stupider (intended blunder) for having the conversation.
I’ll allow a moment for the laughter (and disbelief) to subside.