What you are about to read is your future…
The dynamics of who I am have not altered much since birth. My thinking patterns, general demeanor, and overall character has remained fairly consistent for as long as I can remember (dating back 29 years.) Where I’ve changed, grown lies in how I’ve embraced, rather than stifle, who I am. My “quirks,” which I once regarded as unusual, have proven to be quite common, “normal.”
Last week, after our captains meeting (kickball,) my friend John “Seed” and I opted to have a few beers at Crazee’s, a favorite local bar. While there, we caught up on the current events of our lives while a random thought altered the path of our conversation. I asked John if he ever thought of the present and its transformation into the past. I painted the following picture to illustrate my thought:
“Look at the sign on the wall. Look while knowing the moment you turn away, your present—this very moment of looking at the sign—will soon become your past. In mere seconds, when you redirect your eyes, this moment you’re in the middle of, will take new shape, transforming into your past.” Without a glazed over look, John vertically nodded in agreement as if, he too, had experienced this thought before. I recall doing this as a child, and now as an adult, I find myself quietly playing the same game.

John “Seed,” Me, Chris: Post Kickball Game

Chris, Steven, and John “Seed:” Post kickball game.


I remember spitting my gum out of the window of a moving car and instantly feeling a momentary loss. This wad of gum, mangled with my teeth marks, saturated with my saliva and DNA, now lay resting miles behind me never to be seen again. Trust me, I know it sounds ridiculous and I assure the feeling was fleeting, but even before I set this piece of gum sailing out of the window, I harbored a moment of knowing I was chewing the past.