Misadventures in the Dark

Fun Picture Trick

Who Says That!?!?

Growing up I lived with my mother and two sisters. My father was a participant, as well; however, he lived out of town so it was typically my mother who initially met and “approved” those I dated.  My mom was also an avid Razorback basketball fan.

The Switchboard Theory

I give Wes, my BFF (Best Freakin' Friend), too much credit, but occasionally he hits the nail on the head.

White Knights

Back in June, circa 1998, I flew to Chicago for the first time with my aunt Liz.

Dreaming Flat Tires

I've found myself aware of expecting the worst — dreaming flat tires, so to speak.

The Brightest Light

One Saturday in January of 2006 I met with my best friend Wes to solicit his candid, un-sugar-coated advice about my latest relationship.

With your help, we will get through this

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Who I Am

I call boys. Always have.