The Arkansas Democratic Party is playing to its populist roots with a money-raising appeal based on the Arkansas legislature’s recent vote to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot aimed at killing popular petition drives for initiated acts and constitutional amendments.

The Republican sponsors, Sen. Mathew Pitsch and Rep. DeAnn Vaught, let a poorly concealed cat out of the bag recently by bragging to the Arkansas Farm Bureau that the amendment had been developed by the Farm Bureau and the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce to kill future “left-wing” proposals such as medical marijuana and the minimum wage increase. In other words, the Republicans and the agriculture and business lobbies are tired as hell of the people ruling and want to put a stop to it.


In an email including the image shown here, the Democratic Party solicited contributions for the 2020 election cycle.

Republicans in the Arkansas Legislature backed a measure to severely limit the rights of Arkansans to put an amendment on the ballot (think medical marijuana).

HJR1008 would amend the Arkansas Constitution, and threatens to drastically scale back the voice of Arkansans through the ballot petition process. Democrats must take a vocal role in pushing back on all efforts to infringe on the ballot process. These restrictions are being proposed because of a fear of good votes from the people of Arkansas.
This bill would move up the deadline from filing petition efforts from four months before an election all the way to January 15th of an election year.
Instead of requiring signatures to be gathered from at least 15 counties, it would increase the minimum requirement to three-fifths of the state’s 75 counties.
It eliminates the cure period for gathering additional signatures after the Secretary of State’s office verifies submitted signatures — effectively ELIMINATING that crucial second effort.
Republicans are out to limit your right to put an issue on the ballot, and want to concentrate power in Little Rock at the state Capitol. Let’s organize around this issue for 2020.
I don’t know how this will work as either a fund-raiser or a grassroots effort to defeat the constitutional amendment. If there’s to be any semblance of democracy in Arkansas in the future, rather than narrow special interest rule, the amendment must be defeated.