Joshua McClatchy, the 38-year-old Fort Worth hiker who’d been lost in the Caney Creek Wilderness area near Mena since last Saturday, was spotted Friday night by a helicopter crew using infrared equipment and later rescued in decent shape. ABC news reports.

The Mena Star said Polk County Sheriff Scott Sawyer had received some cell phone data that helped target the search.

At 8 p.m. a National Guard helicopter made its way to the search location with a thermal imaging infrared camera. Shortly after 9 p.m. Sheriff Sawyer and the chopper crew located light movement within the search territory. For more nearly three hours, Sheriff Sawyer remained in contact with the SAR teams on the ground and guided them to the McClatchy’s location.

McClatchy texted his mother last Saturday that he’d gotten lost shortly after beginning his solo hike in the dense wilderness area. He had water and some food. Said ABC:

Sawyer said McClatchy is in good shape and good spirits, but he is dehydrated.