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Hallmark backtracks on banning ad depicting same-sex wedding

The Hallmark Channel backtracked Sunday on its decision to stop airing a commercial for Zola, a wedding planning company, that depicted the marriage of women.

It was a welcome pushback against bullies intent on forcing their beliefs on others. Same-sex marriage is constitutionally protected in the United States. When Hallmark bowed to the minority that wants to be protected from even seeing its existence, it amounted to tyranny of a minority.

Perhaps depictions of Christian churches in commercial should be barred for fear of offending those of other beliefs or non-believers. Alcohol commercials? Lots would like to see them banned for both moral and public health reasons.

The censorship campaign was an enlargement of the perversion of the First Amendment by religionists that is law in Arkansas. It is, by state law, a violation of a certain group’s religious beliefs if they are prevented from  discriminating against LGBTQ people, whether in employment, housing, public accommodation or commercials. The religionists also wanted to protect bullying of gay kids (do not mock; the Family Council opposed anti-bullying legislation on the ground it might provide  protection to homosexuals.)


Hallmark had first bowed to the petition campaign by the religious pressure group. The outcry in response prompted it to reconsider. Among them:

“Isn’t it almost 2020?” tweeted Ellen DeGeneres, the lesbian comedian and TV host known for breaking down barriers in the entertainment world. “ … what are you thinking? Please explain.”

South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg, an openly gay presidential candidate, said being “family friendly” is about “honoring love” rather than “censoring difference.”


“Families are built on love—no matter what they look like,” he tweeted.
PS: When will media stop referring to gay people as “openly” gay?