The Arkansas Democratic Party is calling out Governor Hutchinson and other Republicans for not calling out one of their fringeiest House candidates, John La Tour of Fayetteville.

The Democrats spotted this on LaTour’s Facebook page:

It no longer appears there, but it reverberates on a recent post.


Democratic Party release:


 An Arkansas Republican state House candidate is callously suggesting that Black Lives Matter demonstrators be shot and killed for sport. John La Tour is running for HD86 in Fayetteville — and has received financial support from Governor Asa Hutchinson as well as the Republican Party of Arkansas.


“There is a Republican candidate in northwest Arkansas who is suggesting that African-Americans, and people who say that their lives matter, should be murdered for sport. Failure to condemn this candidate shows a lack of leadership, and even more disheartening, a tacit support for his beliefs by Governor Asa Hutchinson, RPA Chair Doyle Webb, and Congressman Steve Womack,” said DPA Chairman Michael John Gray.
Democratic Rep. Nicole Clowney is La Tour’s opponents. I like her chances.
La Tour, a former Fayetteville alderman, has “graced” these pages before for his insult of a server at Arsaga’s. Just joking then, he said. From his latest, you can see he’s a real funny guy.
Abnormal has become normal in the Trump era. Vote like your life depends on it.
PS: In response to a question from the Democrat-Gazette, Governor Hutchinson criticized the statement. No word if the party he leads has asked for its money back.