Arkansas Workforce Services

State officials announced the other day that everything was now hunky-dory with the various moving parts of the unemployment compensation system expanded with federal assistance.

Maybe. Take a look if you dare at the 1,800-and-growing comment chain on our blog that has become an open forum for people struggling to figure out how to access the system and gain or restore benefits. One recent complaint: The requirement not only to reapply but also to bring documents to offices. Not a good week for that.


I’m prompted to write by one of the regular emails I receive from people who’ve heard we’d been attempting to help. I forward these notes with identifying information to Workforce Services. At times, I’ve been told, help HAS followed. Today’s note:

… got 8 kids depending on me cant find a job at the moment my lights fixing to be cut off was getting unemployment then cut me off out of nowhere i would very much appreciate the help thanks

He provided name, phone number and address. I hope the state, if it is working today, can at least explain.


UPDATE: Workforce Services IS teleworking.

UPDATE II: Another email today:


Hi My name is ******, my pua account was locked for review so.i went to the local office and they verified my identity… it unlocked my account but now it just shows my application.  I’ve called them almost every day for the past 3 weeks.. they keep telling me it’s under review.  I am struggling as a single mother..I can’t work and I just don’t know where else to turn. If you could help me I would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you