If you’ve ever wanted to give someone a serenaded happy birthday from Kris Allen or workout advice from John Daly, you can do that on Cameo, a personalized video sharing website launched in 2017. Cameo also offers an option for businesses to hire guest speakers for marketing campaigns and events, or for custom employee gifts, shout-outs or sales content. We rounded up some Arkansas celebrities who can make Cameos in your or your loved ones’ lives.

Eric Musselman, head coach, Arkansas Razorbacks men’s basketball


Personal Cameo $100

For business $700


Eric Musselman brings the kind of energy to his Cameo calls that he’s known for on the court, and tells a recent Cameo client starting a new job to bring the “Four E’s” to the job every day: Effort, energy, enthusiasm and execution. He’ll sing you happy birthday, too.

Arkansas Bushman, TikTok/YouTube comedian


Personal Cameo $15

For business $105

Have you ever been strolling down the sidewalk in the River Market District only to have a bush in a planter suddenly start flailing about and screaming at you? If not, be warned. The Arkansas Bushman has accumulated 1.5 million TikTok followers by dressing up as a plant and scaring the bejesus out of unassuming downtown commuters. He has a YouTube channel where you can probably see someone you know dropping their coffee or ice cream cone after a chance encounter with the prankster shrub.



Nolan Richardson, head coach, Arkansas Razorbacks men’s basketball (1985-2002)

Personal Cameo $100

For business $1,000

Some people have requested #fathersday Cameos from Nolan Richardson, who coached the Razorback basketball team to its only national championship in 1994. One reviewer on the website said, “He even fulfilled my request that we get a glimpse of some of his farm animals, since I knew that my daughters would love it.”

Ne-Yo, singer-songwriter

Personal Cameo $325

For business $1,500

Camden native Ne-Yo recently recorded a Cameo thanking nominees for dental assistants of the year, “For your hard work keeping everybody safe and smiling through the pandemic.”

Suzanne Le Bach, model, actress

Personal Cameo $259

For business $400

Miss Hawaiian Tropic International 1st runner up (2004) Suzanne Le Bach, native of Fort Smith, married to Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach, is offering Cameos. Le Bach has given happy birthday Cameos and recently offered a sincere #peptalk to a fan who wanted to lose 8 pounds.

Houston Nutt, Arkansas Razorback football coach (1998-2007)

Personal Cameo $50

For business $350

Every Houston Nutt Cameo available to watch without an account is birthday-oriented, but in each one Nutt takes some time to talk about the current Razorback season, the following game on the schedule and its historical significance. He correctly predicted that we’d beat Texas A&M in a birthday message to a fan.

John Daly, professional golfer

Personal Cameo $750

For business $6,500

PGA Champion John Daly’s Cameo profile refers to him as the “Grip It & Rip It King” and his rugged style is on full display. A user asked him for a #peptalk on working out and Daly summed it up with, “If you do the opposite of me, you will be great.”

Kris Allen, singer-songwriter, winner “American Idol” (2009)

Personal Cameo $50

For business $350

Kris Allen will sing you happy birthday or maybe help with your homework, according to his introductory video on Cameo’s website. He recently congratulated someone on Cameo for writing a new book and wrote them a song about it. “You wrote a book, you wrote a book/ I can’t imagine just what it took/probably some time/lots and lots of words/yeah, you wrote a book … ”

Other Arkansans offering Cameos:

Sidney Moncrief, Razorback basketball great, Milwaukee Buck, Naismith Memorial Hall of Famer

Personal Cameo $67

For business $420


Darren McFadden, Razorback running back, NFL running back (Oakland Raiders, Dallas Cowboys)

Personal Cameo $100

For business $700


Daniel Gafford, Razorback basketball, NBA center (Washington Wizards)

Personal Cameo $35

For business $250

Current Razorback Men’s Basketball players: Davonte “Devo” Davis, Jaylin Williams, Chris Lykes, Kamani Johnson