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A compromised Arkansas Supreme Court

Like its federal counterpart, the Arkansas Supreme Court has had a run of ill fortune lately, at least by the lights of founding fathers like Alexander Hamilton, who said public confidence that judges were impartial and free of partisan influence would be vital to preserving the democratic experiment.
Pic of Eve Jorgensen speaking at the Arkansas Capitol

Eve Jorgensen works overtime for gun safety and sensible gun laws

She's the head of the Arkansas chapter of Moms Demand Action.

Live, from an Arkansas prison, Facebook posts

An Arkansas prisoner's Facebook posts trigger investigation and a trip to solitary.

For Joan Adcock, neighborhood needs take priority

At-large City Director Joan Adcock is in her 28th year on the City Board, making her the longest-serving director in Little Rock history.

Lance Hines wants to make Little Rock a better place for new business

As City Director of Ward 5, Lance Hines wants to represent the business community’s interests on the city board. Now in his third term as a city director, Hines said he wants to make both residential and retail development easier in Little Rock and increase the city’s revenue by recruiting “one of a kind” retailers to make it a source for “destination shopping.”

House approves Medicaid budget on second try

The Arkansas House of Representatives narrowly approved a bill to fund the state's Medicaid program on Tuesday, completing legislative action on the appropriation and handing a victory to Governor Hutchinson.

House rejects bills to limit minimum wage increase

Two bills sponsored by Rep. Robin Lundstrum (R-Elm Springs) to undo substantial portions of the minimum wage hikes approved by voters in November were voted down easily Monday in the Arkansas House of Representatives.

House blocks Medicaid budget after judge strikes work requirement

Two days after a federal judge halted Arkansas's first-in-the-nation work requirement for certain Medicaid beneficiaries, the state House of Representatives rejected the entire Medicaid budget by a large margin on Friday.

Governor pushes to keep Medicaid expansion despite halt to work requirement

Hutchinson asked Trump administration officials to appeal a federal judge's order blocking the work rule

Statewide voucher bill clears Senate

A similar plan targeted at Pulaski County stalled in committee.

Lewis-Burnett Employment Finders offers a “hand up, not a hand out” after year-long hiatus

Darlene Lewis, 64, founded Lewis-Burnett Employment Finders out of her home in 1987, and in the years since, she’s placed thousands of people in jobs. But for the past year, the agency was closed while Lewis battled colon cancer. As of January 2019, the nonprofit has reopened, and Lewis said it’s in the process of rebuilding, because “when God puts something on your heart to do, then you’ve gotta fulfill that.”

Lundstrum pushes ahead on efforts to limit minimum wage hike

Rep. Robin Lundstrum (R-Elm Springs), despite opposition from Governor Hutchinson and the state Republican Party, is proceeding with her bills to undo significant portions of the state minimum wage hike approved by voters just last November.