BLACKWATER: From Natural State Medicinals. Dr. Yes

This is the next in a new weekly series of reviews of Arkansas medical marijuana strains.

Strain: Blackwater
Indica Dominant Hybrid
Genetics: Mendocino Purps x San Fernando Valley OG Kush
Cultivator: Natural State Medicinals 
THC: 25.3%
Price: $35 per one-eighth ounce before tax


I’m always on the lookout for a great nighttime indica. Whether you’re suffering from insomnia, stress, anxiety, body pain or just a need to relax, sometimes nothing can beat a potent, sleepy indica at the end of the day. After scanning the local dispensary menus for something that fits this description, I found a likely candidate at Native Green Wellness in Little Rock. Natural State Medicinals’ Blackwater is a nearly pure indica made by crossing two legendary strains from California, Mendocino Purps and San Fernando Valley OG Kush.

My eighth came in a sealed canister to keep the flowers fresh. The impressive buds were large, dense and sticky. They were well trimmed and appeared to be expertly cured.  The smell and flavor was a delicious combination of grapes, dark berries and pine. The effects were exactly what I was looking for. I experienced a relaxing, long-lasting, full-body stone, a foggy and euphoric head high and eventually drifted off to sleep.


Natural State Medicinals did a really nice job with this strain. Chunky, sticky, grape-tasting buds that look and smell great and provide a potent knockout punch at the end of the day.  This is my new go-to strain if I’m having trouble sleeping. If you find yourself in need of some sleepy relaxation, I highly recommend trying Blackwater from Natural State Medicinals.

Dr. Yes is not an actual medical doctor, so take his prescriptions for what they are, insight from a longtime stoner who lives and thrives in the straight 9-5 world.