Sun King OG from Delta Dr. Yes

This is the latest in a weekly series of reviews of Arkansas medical marijuana strains.

Strain: Sun King OG
Indica Dominant Hybrid
Genetics: Louis XIII x Dosido F2 #42
Cultivator: Revolution (formerly Delta)
THC: 23.3%
Price: $70.00 per 1/4 oz before tax
Top 3 Terpenes: Limonene, Beta-Myrcene, Linalool


While it is arguably the most popular cannabis strain in the world, OG Kush has never been a favorite of mine. I love the scent and flavor, but OG Kush has often left me feeling a bit anxious and racy. But a friend told me he’d recently tried an OG Kush variety that he thought would work well for me, Sun King OG by Revolution. I picked up a discounted quarter ounce at Native Green Wellness Dispensary in Little Rock to see if my friend was right.

When I opened up my jar of Sun King (I love that Revolution always uses glass jars for its packaging), I was greeted by the unmistakable smell of OG Kush, which is a pungent blend of pine, citrus and diesel fuel, except this strain has an added earthy aroma that is not as prevalent in the original OG Kush. The beautiful buds were small, lime green, and heavily dusted with amber trichomes. I didn’t feel strong effects immediately after vaping, but in a few minutes, a powerful numbing sensation started in my head and washed down my entire body. Not long after all of my muscles and joints became heavily medicated, my thoughts became cloudy and untethered from the worries of everyday life. I felt inner calm and bliss while my anxiety was stripped away. I slowly got drowsy after an hour and a half.


The recommendation I received was absolutely correct. Sun King OG treats me better than any of its many OG Kush relatives. It’s a potent, relaxing indica that can help with a large variety of physical issues, with enough mental stimulation to help relieve anxiety, depression and the effects of stress. And to top it off, a delicious scent and flavor. It’s rare for me to find a strain that offers such high potency without any anxiety. Revolution checked every box when they created this winner, and I would recommend Sun King OG for any indica lover.