Harvest Cannabis Dispensary, like most of the industry, is fully in support of Issue 4 because it will make cannabis legal in Arkansas — one of the central goals of every cannabis reform effort in the country and beyond.

Obviously, Issue 4 can’t solve every problem in one fell swoop — few laws can do that. But what Issue 4 absolutely will do is to serve as a critically important stepping stone for cannabis reform in Arkansas. In addition to legalizing cannabis and stopping the senseless criminalization of the possession of small amounts of cannabis, Issue 4 also will bring significant tax dollars and employment opportunities to Arkansas. These wins make the choice to support Issue 4 easy for Harvest.  Importantly, it isn’t just industry insiders that are excited about Issue 4: So many of Harvest’s patients have expressed an overwhelming sense of excitement and anticipation about Issue 4 and the new adult-use market that could be in Arkansas’ near future.