DELTA 8: Sen. Tyler Dees (R-Siloam Springs) filed a bill this week that would ban Delta-8 and related cannabis products.

A bill filed this week by Sen. Tyler Dees (R-Siloam Springs) would ban cannabis products known as Delta-8 and others that have been left essentially unregulated since a federal law legalized them in 2019. 

Senate Bill 358 was on the agenda today for the Senate Agriculture, Forestry and Economic Development Committee but was not presented. 


The bill would ban Delta-8, Delta-9 and Delta-10 THC, which have existed in a legal gray area since the federal bill known as the Farm Bill passed in 2019. The Arkansas Times’ Lindsey Millar wrote about Delta-8 prevalence in Arkansas and regulatory murkiness last year

The 2018 federal Farm Bill legalized hemp farming and defined hemp as cannabis plants with a THC content of .3% or less. But THC products can be extracted from hemp, most prominently Delta-8 THC, which has found its way onto shelves in smoke shops and CBD stores. The products are not part of the state’s medical marijuana program and are not sold in the state’s dispensaries. 


The products are largely unregulated and there is no age requirement for buying them in Arkansas. 

Delta-8 products have proven difficult to regulate in many states and cannabis publication MJBizDaily provided a roundup last year of how states have handled it.


Bill Paschall, executive director of the Arkansas Cannabis Industry Association, said his organization has not taken a position on the bill. Paschall said the sponsor is adding amendments to the bill and Paschall said ACIA wants to see the amended bill as well as another potential Delta-8 bill before taking a position.

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