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Arkansas Times Toast of the Town 2023

Arkansas Times editors and readers raise a glass to their favorite beers, bars and booze. 
IT Arkansas job board

Best of Arkansas 2023

Every year, the Arkansas Times shoves its fists into its pockets, digs deep and emerges with a big ol’ thermometer to take readers’ temperatures on all things Arkansas. This year, y’all were definitely angling for that doctor’s office lollipop, opening up and saying “hell yeah!” to your favorite florist (Hannah Anderson, pictured), nodding in appreciation of your most trusted TV meteorologist and giving us a mouthful when it came to the “Worst Arkansan” category (was there ever any doubt, Sarah?).

They urned it! Smith Family Funeral Homes is number one in our annual readers poll

Trafficking in the mysteries of death and life is all in a day’s work for Jeff Smith, the third-generation owner of Smith Family Funeral Homes.

Four on the floor: ideas for your summer road trip (or for staying put)

In the event your wellspring of vacation ideas has run dry — or that your wallet threatens coup d’etat when you type the word “airfare to Reykjavik” into your search engine — we’ve got you covered. 

Playing into a trance: Joshua Asante's origin story

Before Joshua Asante was even born, the idea that he was chosen followed him around. After learning by way of pure intuition that she was pregnant with Joshua, his mother attended a tent revival where a minister passed her by, stopped in his tracks and then turned around. “He touched her womb and kind of lost his cool,” Asante said. Because his mother hadn’t yet told anyone about the baby, she took the clergyman’s gesture as an affirmation that all the mystical energy she’d been feeling around her gestating child was something to take seriously. These expectations shaped his creative life.

2023 Arkansas Times Academic All-Stars team

The kids are alright.
illustration of Sarah Huckabee Sanders on a wrecking ball

Making Arkansas worse again

A pliable legislature stomped on the poor, indulged the rich and threw teachers, librarians, children and trans people under the bus, all because the MAGA governor told them to.

The winners of the 2023 Arkansas Times Cannabis Awards

Introducing the dopest awards in The Natural State, in which our readers weighed in on their favorite picks from the medical cannabis industry. Read on for the results, from Best Badder to Best Shatter and everything in between.

Miss Major Griffin-Gracy: A Black trans trailblazer's unlikely path to Little Rock

From Chicago to New York to San Diego to San Francisco to Little Rock, Miss Major Griffin-Gracy (born in the 1940s) has carried a message of radical resistance against what she calls "The Powers That Be." Her forthcoming book, “Miss Major Speaks: Conversations with a Black Trans Revolutionary,” written in collaboration with Toshio Meronek, a San Francisco-based journalist and Miss Major’s longtime personal secretary and friend, is a beautifully shapeshifting document — a biography, memoir and sacred text brimming with radical wisdom all at once. The facts of Miss Major’s life — largely unrecognized until the 2010s — are frankly unreal, a careening history lesson in oppression and defiance.

Fighting fentanyl: How Arkansas is spending its opioid settlement fortune

The ink's not yet dry, but Arkansas stands to collect well over $250 million over the next dozen years in settlement money won in litigation against the pharmaceutical companies, drug store chains and other businesses that profited from the nation's opioid epidemic. Here's how that money will be put to work — and what gets left out.

Why you (yes, you) should carry NARCAN: A Q&A with Justin Buck, executive director of Wolfe Street

In this interview with Justin Buck, executive director at Wolfe Street, you'll learn all about NARCAN — a life-saving nasal spray that can be used to intervene during fentanyl overdoses — and how to get trained to administer it.

Is Benton delicious now?

Prepare to meet God, but also sip a jalapeño margarita and throw an axe.

How to get help: A quick start guide to resources in Pulaski County

If you or someone you know could use some help, here are a few resources to tap in Central Arkansas. We can’t promise it will be easy, or that this list is exhaustive, but it’s a start.

Visionary Arkansans 2023

Not content to sit back and wring their hands, these Arkansans are conjuring a smarter, safer and saucier future. Our fresh-faced Arkansas Times Visionaries for 2023 are leapfrogging right past the old boys’ club to deliver good health, a strong economy, political might and even some artistic flair.

The Best and Worst of Arkansas 2022

The good, the bad and — who are we kidding? It was pretty much all bad.

Two teens killed in North Little Rock shooting

Both victims were 17.

The maddening irrelevance of Charlie Vaughn’s innocence

A severely intellectually disabled man has spent more than 30 years in an Arkansas prison. The system doesn’t care if he’s actually guilty.

The soul of Arkansas

A photo essay from brilliant and unheralded documentary photographer Ron Evans.

Best Arkansas beers, bars and booze 2022

Cheers to these Toast of the Town winners.
picture of Steve Landers, Greg Henderson and Frank Scott Jr.

Little Rock mayoral showdown

Crime, race, place and partisanship dominate a bruising mayor’s race.