Robert Maranto acknowledges that one reason universities hire more liberal professors than conservative professors is because there are more liberals to hire from. He quotes a survey that found that conservative college and university seniors are substantially less likely to pursue doctorates than their liberal peers. This is not because the liberals are smarter than the conservatives (as some liberals would likely suggest) – the grade-point averages are identical – but because the two groups have different life priorities and career goals, Maranto said.

“Getting a Ph.D. requires 5 to 10 years of additional study, moving away from family and friends, it probably means putting off getting married and having kids. Liberals are more comfortable with that, they value self-expression more. I think it makes sense that academia leans left. But not as much as it leans.


“Relatively few professors try to indoctrinate students. But if you’re surrounded by people just like you, it’s hard to present a wide range of views.”