For the second year in a row, the Arkansas Times has asked readers and experts from across the spectrum for suggestions on making Arkansas a better place to live. Much like last year, the results have been downright inspirational. Ideas range from the utterly pragmatic (put a moratorium on prison development and expansion) to the out-and-out wacky (live forever, in avatar form). Plus, we’ve highlighted two big ideas already in development, Harding University professor Andrew Baker’s micro take on effecting social change and the Central Arkansas Library system’s plan to reinvent the library. Read on, and send us your big idea for future editions at

For Arkansas


For Little Rock

For the beyond

Help a brother get further

A micro-model for affecting social change.

By Lindsey Millar

Rethinking the nature of the library

The Central Arkansas Library System’s ambitious plans for its coming Children’s Library.

By Lindsey Millar