Compiling our recent bar issue, we talked to every bar we could to ask about the drink they sell the most. The answer, over and over: Flyway’s Bluewing Blueberry. Flyway has produced almost 37,200 gallons of the stuff so far this year. They devote two 30-barrel fermenters just to the one beer. So far, that’s just for the sales around Central Arkansas. A distributor in Memphis uses the Flyway recipe to brew the beer that’s sold in the cans marked with a bird floating across a golden sunset. There’s not too much secrecy around the beer, though. “It’s just a standard blonde wheat ale with blueberry puree,” Tim Berkley of Flyway told the Arkansas Times.

“It’s a good entry beer,” Berkley said, “very approachable and easy drinking.”


For us, the beer is a bit crisper than others and fruity, but not overly so. It’s refreshing and especially appealing when drinking at Flyway’s North Little Rock brewery, which is often filled with natural light from the many windows along its walls. The recipe for the beer came from Ryan Frank, who began his brewing career in Asheville, N.C., before relocating to Little Rock to join Flyway. His connection to Flyway co-owner Matt Foster? In Foster’s previous career as a full-time teacher, he taught Frank's wife, Elenore Vena, a Little Rock native. Berkley was a student of Foster’s, too.