Bad for birds
I just read about the beacon of peace and hope that WAND wants to build. I’m all for peace and hope, and a monument is a fine way to symbolize it, but please tell them and your readers that bright beacons shining into the night sky is a very bad thing for migratory birds. Many birds migrate at night. Bright lights from skyscrapers, towers, and spotlights attract them. They endlessly circle the lights until they are exhausted or crash into the structures. Millions of birds die this way every year! Let’s not declare peace by making war on birds. Please stop the spotlights! Thank you for your attention.
Dan Scheiman
Little Rock
Asa’s background
The Democrat-Gazette editorial on Asa Hutchinson’s “impressive background” — say what?
Former federal prosecutor — while Mena drug traffic proliferated with impunity. After initiating a Northwest Arkansas investigation into the meth/drug crisis, and upon evidence of illegal alien/Mexican cartel involvement — silence/nothing. Former drug czar — drug trafficking escalated. Former border czar — illegal invasions dramatically increased and interior round-ups were quashed after Asa was challenged by one Democrat Hispanic politician.
Arkansas is drowning from the illegal invasion and unscrupulous employers who exploit slave labor. Fox exports his poor, uneducated, diseased criminals. Bush imports indentured servants. Fox reaps billions from money sent home. Bush reaps corporate donations/bribes. Middle-class taxpayers are burdened with illegals’ healthcare, penal, education, housing and other “benefits” while struggling to keep afloat.
Arkansas’s chief law enforcement official, Attorney General Mike Beebe, panders, while remaining silent on the enforcement of existing immigration laws.
Neither deserves any gubernatorial votes from beleaguered citizens who are portrayed as “racist” if they object to their hard-earned money taken by force to support lawbreakers, including officials, and must helplessly watch their schools, hospitals and neighborhoods decline.
Vote independently. NO votes for Democrats or Republicans who routinely mock our laws.
Barbara McCutchen
Fort Smith