Clearing the air

To help Max Brantley become a better and more accurate reporter, I offer the following:


Carbon dioxide is unregulated and is specifically exempted in state Regulation 18 and Regulation 19 along with water vapor, oxygen, nitrogen, etc. What the conservation groups wanted was to remove this exemption. This is all fine, but when the exemption is removed there must be some governing regulation to regulate what and how much is permissible.

All we at the Pollution Control and Ecology Commission did was state at this time we cannot remove this exemption until some legislation or EPA directive was given about CO2. The cart was before the horse.


This commission is comprised of 13 members, I am just one, and at this time I have no vote because of my chairmanship (which expires the end of July). This means I only vote when it makes a difference. In this case, we had 12 that voted for the Arkansas Environmental Federation minute order.

I have no belligerence. I simply do my appointed job, to the best of my ability, to make sure all of Arkansas has good clean air, water and soil.


I am a Governor Huckabee appointee.

In closing, I would like to remind you that the seven civilian commissioners are all volunteers, who take their responsibilities seriously to insure a good environmental quality of life for all Arkansans.

We, as a commission of 13, all agree that if no regulation from our legislature or EPA is forthcoming in the future we will help whoever is drafting regulations.

Thomas B. Schueck


Chairman, Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission

Worst cheapskate

Jennifer Barnett Reed says in the last line of her article about Arkansas’s Best Cheap Date, “Stick to water and chintz on the tip, and you might get out for under $10 for two.”

She needs to be reminded that if you can’t afford to tip you can’t afford to eat out.  Taking care of your server is not optional.

Of course, following her logic, if you sneak out the bathroom window you can eat like kings for nothing at all!

Randall Stafford

Little Rock

Real colleges

Re your article: “Real colleges teach real college courses”:

I am attending a two-year college, Pulaski Tech to be exact, and I am taking a remedial class. My school decided to change the requirements for college algebra for this fall. I made a 25 overall on the ACT and my 19 in the math portion is the reason why I have to take intermediate algebra. I was pretty upset about the new change.

I am ready for college work and the fact that I am going to a two-year college does not mean I cannot handle four-year college work. I was admitted to many colleges but because of finances, I am attending Pulaski Tech. Many people cannot afford four-year colleges so they decide to go to a two-year college. Once people go there, they find that people consider their colleges less than a four-year colllege. I’m a believer that any college is better than no college and why pay twice as much to take a class at a four-year college when I can take it at a two-year college for less and actually get a professor who is more interested in teaching me than doing research? Many four-year colleges accept classes from two-year colleges. Is that to say that the quality of the four-year college class is equivalent to the two-year college class?

In any case, I can’t wait to tell Rep. Donna Hutchinson four years from now that I began at a two-year college, had to do a remedial course, and I still earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Courtney Cobbs

North Little Rock

And pigs aren’t?

I must take umbrage with Orval’s characterization last week of Arkansawyer author Donald Harington’s true face — that of a giant cucaracha — being “hideous.” Truly, as knows any patriotic Arkie who has read “The Cockroaches of Stay More,” his brilliant novel of insect Gothic, cockroaches ain’t hideous but, rather, merely scuttling versions of us homo sapiens folk — with all the pathos, nostalgia, passion, angst and hubris you could ask fer. Anyone who says otherwise oughter be westered, by cracky!

Eric Francis

North Little Rock

Word missing

You guys have a bad habit of leaving out a key word when discussing matters pertaining to our immigrant population. The word is “illegal.” In “The Week That Was” you referenced a divisive and hateful campaign to “severely restrict aid to immigrants.” I think that if you were to read the proposal it would have restricted benefits only to “illegal” immigrants. Big difference, not unlike our habit of locking up bank robbers, but letting the average person walk free.

My late wife crossed our borders legally, attended our college, paying out-of-state tuition, and was never denied any benefits due to a legal resident. I also have two daughters who immigrated, legally. All three eventually became citizens.

Now, maybe for Ms. Cecilie, who chose to ignore our laws according to your article “Grades, personality, work ethic,” we could work out a deal. We’ll let her attend college here, in-state tuition, if she will sign an agreement to graduate and return to Mexico, for at least 20 years. No exceptions for marriage, vacations or whatever.

She will benefit, Mexico will benefit and the many thousands of Hispanics who are here legally will benefit as slowly the stigma of the “wetback” is removed. This is a plan not unlike a Fulbright Scholarship. We’ll educate your people, but they have to return and contribute to their own country.

Herb Hawn

Little Rock

Price of truth

Ernest Dumas wrote an outstanding article in “What Price Truth.” Rather than face the unequivocal meaning of what Gen. Wesley Clark said, John McCain and his surrogates fabricated wild interpretations and concocted talking points to counteract accusations that were never made.

I have read several columns defending General Clark, and Dumas’ was among the best I have seen. The issue of McCain’s military service versus his judgment to be president will come up again during the campaign, and Senator Obama needs to think of something other than making a knee-jerk rejection of a person who is bringing forward the best argument Obama has to be elected.

Hopefully, after the craziness clears up, Clark’s message will be revived and seriously debated.

Joe Phelan

From the Internet


Ernest Dumas is partly right that getting shot down in a fighter jet doesn’t qualify John McCain for president. Just like getting shot out of PT 109 didn’t qualify JFK for president either. It’s the courage that he showed after being captured that reveals McCain’s strength of character. Dumas and Wesley Clark are trying to minimize military service and wartime experiences as a qualification for president to help Barack Obama who never served.

Contrary to Dumas’ view, Obama isn’t qualified to be president because he doesn’t support the Iraq war. He doesn’t understand the Middle East or the terrorist movement — who they are or what they want. Obama thinks it’s a civil war but it’s much greater than that. It’s a conflict for the stability of the region and the survival of Israel. Obama says the Republicans haven’t made us safer. But in what war has anyone ever been safer while it was in progress? A war has to be judged by its potential for future security.

Obama is oblivious to the tenacity of radical Islam and the modern history of the Middle East. George Bush and Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld understood this threat and eliminated Iraq as a belligerent. Now they are criticized for trying to prevent a catastrophe. What price truth.

Thomas L. Pope

Little Rock