Vote for progress in Little Rock

While I am sure that Kathy Wells, Jim Lynch and others have honest motives for attempting to sabotage Little Rock’s revenue equalization effort, I submit that they miss the point on the upcoming sales tax vote. No matter how large our egos may be, the vote isn’t about us, or the one proposal among the others listed we may not like. No, the issue remains simple in my view. Is Little Rock going to continue to be a first class city or not?


Those opposing the tax are pursuing a death sentence of sorts for the finest city of its size in the South. Reasons given seem to center on some special interest of the accuser, or some past real or imagined transgression of the governing body. Others dismiss the effort since they feel it does not pay enough homage to their pet interest. That is a great way to determine the future of a community, isn’t it?

As an analogy, I offer that if we have a child who sometimes does not do to suit us, we continue to feed it and maintain its health while we attempt to improve its behavior. It is the same with a city. Let’s all work together to make it better, not starve it to death and then pray over it when it is gone.


Having worked with Arkansas municipalities for 41 years, I can assure the voters of my beloved city one thing, you cannot please some people — no use even trying. So why don’t we just move past them to the larger stage and make our city the best it can be? As citizens, we should want progress. Trust me, nobody wants this tax to fail as badly as competing cities. We can sit by and let it happen, or we can stand up to the naysayers. As for me and my family, we choose progress.

Have no fear, we will continue to put out fires, rescue the perishing and fight crime. The question is: Will this be the only evidence that a great city once existed on this spot? Let us pray that the answer is no.


A disclaimer: I am a member of the commission for the MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History. I will receive no compensation when the vote passes. I will receive, however, even greater satisfaction in knowing this tremendous facility, operated on a shoestring as are all my city’s facilities, can continue in operation. This will bring me further satisfaction as I bring my veteran friends to visit and say, “Look at this great place and see what they have done for us.”

Jim von Tungeln

Little Rock


UCA detached from reality

As an alum, I’m disgusted by the breathtaking arrogance and detachment from reality of the University of Central Arkansas board of trustees and president Allen C. Meadors. If that house on Donaghey that’s had nearly a half million dollars worth of renovations done in the last few years isn’t good enough for Dr. Meadors and his wife Barb, I have two alternatives: Meadors should either buy his own with his $259,000 salary or quit in protest.


As to Bill Ott, Rush Harding, and the other trustees who appear much more concerned with getting Allen and Barb a dream pad than they are the actual education of the students, if Governor Mike Beebe was to do one last decent thing in office, it would be to clean house at UCA.

They are sneaking away to taxpayer retreats in Heber Springs to conduct official business and discuss spending another three quarters of a million dollars for a new home to pacify Meadors? How about discussing why, in a terrible economy, you raised tuition rates again, making them almost double what they were in 2000-01? It’s obvious what the priorities are here.


My wife and I met, married and graduated from UCA. We’re sending our diplomas back. Shameful.

Lou Werner

Hot Springs Village


I write in protest of Graham Gordy’s use of profanity in his column about city mottos in your Aug. 10 issue. I’ll refer to it as the F word just to keep from repeating the offense in your paper.


I worked for newspapers all my adult life, so I’m not a prig about cussing. I have heard and used that word. But I censor its use based on who might hear it, and no reporter I have known would have used it in a written story. It would not have been allowed to appear in print in any of the newspapers for which I worked. The news desk would have edited it right out if I had tried to use it, probably giving me a reprimand. And I’m wondering why someone on your news desk didn’t do that to Mr. Gordy.

Pat Patterson

Little Rock

Voting for Griffin a mistake

Yes, I voted for the congressman, and now admit I made a mistake. I called his office numerous times to express my opinion against raising the debt ceiling. No return calls, not even a form letter. He was sent to Washington with a mandate from his constituents that business as usual was not acceptable. And he ignored that, choosing instead to continue to treat taxpayer money as though it was free candy, instead of living with hard decisions and making sacrifices like so many Americans have had to over the past few years. That piece of legislation essentially (if one reads it) does absolutely nothing to curb the largesse and waste in Washington, and will ultimately not even be proven deficit neutral.

The final straw was his handing out of what was essentially a dirty play handbook that included personal information about persons critical of certain Republicans. Yes, Tim, I was at that town meeting. That0x2019s about as low as one can go. I sent you to Washington to get away from this type of sleazy crap, and you bring it right back home in less than two years.

Go on 103.7 every Sunday, Timmy, and act like a good ol’ boy while Bill Vickery throws you softballs. But start working on the resume. God forbid, you might even have to join the private sector in 2012.

Ron Collins

Little Rock

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