An open letter to state Sen. Jason Rapert

Sir! There once was a time when we publicly spoke together on behalf of the residents and fish of Lollie Bottoms, who had a nonnegotiable sewage plant imposed on them downstream from the Toad Suck Dam in Conway. At that time, I was very impressed that two citizens from opposing political extremes could work together for the health and safety of a community in a bipartisan manner.


Since then, however, your deplorable Teabagger politics have become a rank embarrassment that reflects Arkansas as just another hick state to the rest of the country and the world. Your overzealous gun-nut antics and efforts to keep medicine from cancer patients and other sufferers aside, I’m talking specifically about your latest bill to rename the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport, which is driven by the unquestioning, bovine urge to repeat, follow and Trump-up mis- and disinformation disseminated by career conspiracy theorists and professional reputation smearists. The Clintons are the most historically progressive public-serving politicians from the left that this state has ever been proud to embrace, providing a positive political identity to temporarily conceal the unsightly segregationist skidmark your fascist predecessors left on the American flag. Yet you are low enough to regurgitate and spread the vengeance seeking, muckraking, witch-hunt fabrications of the road-rage righteous to the point of incendiary insouciance — a misleading crime of humanity against your local flock for which you shall be ultimately judged and condemned to the fires you fear most (Matthew 7:12 NCV, Luke 6:31).

It is fitting, then, that a petition campaign has been launched to rename the Conway Corp. sewage tanks in your honor — for you are human waste advocating human waste in a time of mass human waste. Such wormery, driven by hatred and lack of self-respect, is better off left in the chatrooms of the alt-right, a de-evolution of white supremacy that has no place in present-day culture except as a blight upon our landscape to rail against as a sickly vestige of indecency to be wiped out like a toxic pox.


Sir, there is a scum in Bigelow, a putrid and deceiving film obscuring the integrity of our state. On behalf of those who value leaders who value their constituency (and especially on behalf of those who value the economic surplus President Bill Clinton left us with and the civil rights work and activism on behalf of children Hillary accomplished), we are sickened and ashamed by your reactionary and ignorant “leadership” — which, if you had any integrity at all, you’d flush straight into the intellectual, septic-tank wasteland you are making of Arkansas.

Mark Spitzer



What about learning?

Our public schools are not failing. What is failing is the American people. We are well on our way to becoming an idiocracy. The question isn’t whether our public schools are providing an adequate education. The question is this: Why do we no longer care about learning? What has so distracted us and led to such apathy? Could it be that pursuit of facts and evidence can no longer compete with the instant gratification of Facebook? We have been dumbed down by overexposure to entertainment, such as online gaming and social media. This is evident by the election of Donald Trump. How can an individual who spouts blatant falsities and displays such radical behavior become the elected leader of the free world? He’s the social media president, that’s how. Too many of us have given up on the pursuit of true learning. Too many of us rely solely on social media for our information. We limit ourselves to exposure to beliefs and ideas that only match our preconceived notions. We simply can’t handle any suggestions from differing viewpoints. It’s a sad state of affairs.

Rich Hutson



Divine right

Reckon we oughta all send Leslie Rutledge some congratulatory cards. Now she gets to kill eight men and prove herself as tough as those menfolks! She ran for office as a “gun carryin’ Christian woman with a job description of fightin’ Obama.” Since election she’s continued to file expensive and frivolous lawsuits against the federal government’s “overreach.”

Scripture says, “Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord, I will repay.” But Christianity and Republican “religion” are usually quite dissimilar. In her case it appears her God is either Donald Trump or the shade of Ole’ Strom Thurmond!

Federal overreach is the battle cry of the Republican crew we have been presently plagued with. Of course, the state’s Republican intrusion into the innermost private parts of our lives they see as their “divine right.” They feel qualified to regulate doctors’ medical practices with not a scrap of medical training themselves.

They are pushy enough to regulate the diets of the poor and destitute among us. They won’t hire black folks, but feel righteous enough to disparage them as being too lazy to work a steady job! Override college presidents and policemen with guns in your cereal box, practically!

Hey, maybe Lord Asa can designate Stacy Hurst as official needle inserter in the death chamber? She likely doesn’t know a damned thing about doing that, but he’s put her in charge of lots of other folks who know a hell of a lot more about their work than she does! Can’t get control via the ballot, but with Sugar Daddy Asa as her patron, who needs an election win?

Why are we paying agency directors exorbitant salaries? Any regulations they pass must be passed by the Republican legislative council or they’re void. Then if Lord Asa doesn’t accept them, he can cancel the whole shebang. Just as hundreds of other little dictators and rulers of feifdoms in small banana republics have done for years.

Oh heck, just bypass all that and let Stacy Hurst run the show unchallenged!


Karl Hansen