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St. Bernard’s Medical Center


St. Bernards Weight Loss Program covered by state insurance

The St. Bernards HMR medically supervised weight loss program has been designated as a program that is covered by insurance offered to state employees and Arkansas public school employees.


The Health Management Resources program, the only medically supervised weight loss program in the area, is the leading medically supervised weight loss program in this country. It is offered through many major medical centers across the nation, including St. Bernards Medical Center.

St. Bernards provides the program for individuals who want to lose 10 pounds, 100 pounds or even more. Through the HMR program, patients take advantage of weight loss options that feature physician supervision and management of medications, losing weight and improving their health.


Patients undergo an initial comprehensive medical evaluation, with ongoing follow-up included. HMR utilizes HMR meal replacement shakes, entrees and snacks in a plan that offers maximum weight loss. Participants attend classes one time a week, with individual coaching. When they attain their weight loss goal, they attend maintenance classes, with a focus on lifestyle skills for weight management, increasing physical activity, eating right and improving overall health.

Coverage for individuals under state insurance was effective Jan. 2 under a three-tier process.


The state will cover 100 percent of physician, laboratory and program fees, while the individual will be responsible only for the cost of food products.

To date more than 900,000 participants nationwide have lost weight and learned skills for lifelong weight management through the HMR program.


The number of overweight Americans is at record levels, with 65 percent of Americans considered overweight or clinically obese and this increase in obesity has created a population which is experiencing significant medical issues triggered or made worse by carrying too much weight – things like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, joint disease and more. As a matter of fact, obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death in the United States.

Additional information may be secured from personnel at the St. Bernards Center for Weight Loss at 336-LOSS.


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