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Forget “feasibility.” Don’t reopen schools until it’s safe.

When you board an airplane, the pilot doesn’t usually announce that he plans to try to land the plane “to the extent feasible.” I’m guessing that if he did, quite a few passengers would quickly head for the exit. That’s because there are just some things that we shouldn’t do unless we can to do them safely. Reopening schools during the height of a deadly pandemic is one of those things. In matters of life or death, feasibility should not be the governing standard; safety should.

Choral directors object to state coronavirus guidelines

Should it be easier for schools to have chorus? Or is the problem that it is too easy to have football?

With your help, we will get through this

Our small newsroom has been working tirelessly to report on the latest coronavirus developments along with all the other news that matters. Please support us with a cash gift.

A fall without college football? Maybe, though maybe not if left to Trump states

Talk continues to bubble that major football schools may back away from playing football this fall after all (and the minor sports conventionally played then, too.)

The court ruling reinstating Arkansas anti-abortion laws was even worse than you may already have thought

Women's abortion rights are hanging on by a thread in Arkansas thanks to a new court ruling.

The Cherokee casino effort rolls on

The Cherokee Nation vows to fight on to win a casino permit in Pope County.

Coronavirus report, with an accelerated death rate, and the open line

Death toll tops UAMS projection almost a week early

The Republican plot to put Kanye West on the ballot to siphon votes from Joe Biden. But why Arkansas?

Does Donald Trump's campaign really think he has trouble in Arkansas? If so, his trouble is bigger than that.

How bad is COVID-19 in Arkansas? Bad. And teachers are worried.

Great reporting in the Democrat-Gazette on the data that the governor refuses to heed on COVID-19.

Journalism in the Trump era serves his purposes -- again

Donald Trump did something yesterday. But a full and fact-checked report of it doesn't fit in the headlines. Which is the dilemma of the Trump era.

The dishonest Hutchinson administration: See 'local control' in action in Little Rock School District

It's time for the state to stop lying about local control of the Little Rock School District.

COVID-19 today. And the open line

I guess 770 new cases is good news, by yesterday’s lights.

Go to college in an Arkansas 'bubble' is the idea. Will the idea float?

An online college "bubble" in a Fayetteville hotel? Will it work?

Asa's spin session Friday: He said what?

The governor's spin cycle was on extended rinse yesterday. But the COVID-19 numbers don't lie.

The Forget the Numbers, We're Going Back To School Edition

Arkansas Times editors Max Brantley and Lindsey Millar discuss reopening schools amid the pandemic, fraud and holds on unemployment claims, a plea deal in the Linda Collins case, Rusty Cranford and Top Golf.

Joan Adcock draws another challenger, Sheridan Richards, who looks primed for the contest

Joan Adcock is now in a three-way race and a new contender looks prepared for the battle.

Today's news -- schoolapalooza -- and the open line

Seeking to clarify matters, the state creates more confusion.

Preach it, Ms. McAdoo. Not that the governor will pay much mind.

They call it shucking the corn. Four righteous paragraphs from a teacher of the year to Governor Hutchinson.

Coronavirus today: Governor continues to defend mandated in-person school opening and football

Coronavirus today: Governor stands firm on school opening, despite growing clamor. His education czar confuses the in-person situation.

8th Circuit again reverses Little Rock judge on abortion ruling

Another setback for women's rights.

Harrison riled by YouTube exposure of local racists, fighting back with drive to remove billboard

Try though it does, Harrison can't shake history and a viral video about racism in the city hasn't helped.