Today's news: Local politics in the spotlight

Little Rock controversy and some good sense in Craighhead County lead our news roundup.

Arkansas National Guard's run to the border cost taxpayers in six figures

Was the photo opp worth it? The governor apparently thinks so.

Coronavirus today: Another decline in hospital cases, but 733 new cases overall.

The hospital count continues downward

Little Rock City Attorney Tom Carpenter objects to settlement of lawsuit over police shooting of Bradley Blackshire

Bombshell. City attorney parts company with mayor, who can fire him, on police killing lawsuit.

What will Little Rock look like in 2050?

For our November issue, we're asking experts of various stripes to gaze into the crystal ball and predict what life in Little Rock, and the broader metro area, will look like in 2050. 

Oklahoma doctor charged with murder in Chicot County

Travelers' altercation leads to death and arrest in suspected murder.

Central High struck by gunfire, setting off confusion

Reports and photos from inside Little Rock Central High indicate at least one window was shot out in a drive-by shooting near the school today despite initial communication from the principal saying the shooting had nothing to do with Central. No one was injured, Little Rock Police reported on social media.

Family of man who choked to death after being restrained at Booneville Human Development Center to sue

A sister plans to sue over the death of her 42-year-old brother.

The abortion option: Pills by mail

As abortion becomes less accessible in states like Arkansas, reproductive rights groups are attempting to get the word out about an option -- pills by mail.

State puts reports on residential psychiatric facilities on-line

Ready access to inspection reports is the goal.

Sanity reported in Craighead County in votes on abortion, library

Craighead County on Monday turned back anti-abortion and library censorship efforts. How about that?

Tom Cotton continues to make his mark in conservative media

More on Tom Cotton's aliance with the conservative Washington Examiner, whose David Drucker has just come out with a book praising Tom Cotton to the skies and crediting him with joining Sen. Mitch McConnell in plotting to spoil Donald Trump's scheme to overturn the 2020 presidential election

Today's news: Another session; COVID, and a big lawsuit settlement

The clown car is coming back to the Capitol in two weeks. And other news.

$300,000 and some changes in police procedures proposed to settle lawsuit over Little Rock police shooting death of Bradley Blackshire. There are complications

$300,000 is the price tag to settle the lawsuit over police shooting in Little Rock. But there's resistance on the City Board.

Miss out on the Arkansas Times Medical Cannabis Wellness Expo? Check out these videos

Learn about endocannabinoids, terpenes, the pros and cons of medical marijuana and more.

Oct. 25 the legislative circus comes back to town

In two weeks they'll be back. For how long? Too long whatever the outcome.

Coronavirus today: Still downward

The usual light Monday, but still generally downward.

Josh Price slams 'cracking' of Pulaski County in congressional redistricting

Another candidate rips the Republican gerrymander of Pulaski County.

ACLU cleared to review COVID prevention in Arkansas prisons

ACLU cleared to inspect COVID-19 protection practices in the state prisons.

Book excerpt: How Tom Cotton helped submarine Donald Trump's coup

New book credits Tom Cotton for helping to foil Donald Trump's election challenge. Will Trump still love him tomorrow?