Breaking: Sarah Sanders spotted in Arkansas -- at a Phish concert

Sarah Sanders sets foot in Arkansas.

COVID: Horror tales from the hospital trenches

First-person accounts of hospital experiences with COVID might make holdouts rethink vaccine resistance. Maybe.

COVID: A report of hospital action on vaccinations today, but none followed

Report says hospitals to move to required vaccination for staff.

COVID: Action, or lack of same

It's time for action. Will the governor do so?

COVID: The legal challenge

Legal sword rattling continues from Tom Mars.

Today's news: lots of it in the video roundup.

The news is COVID and the question is whether the growing crisis will bring state action.

Fighting for police information at Little Rock City Hall

City Hall sits on public information, but an attorney for unhappy police officers manages to get a little.

UPDATE: Coronavirus today: 1,703 new cases, 12 more deaths and a Hutchinson news conference

The continued rise in cases may be behind a just-announced news conference by the governor on Thursday.

Tom Cotton not only schmoozes Big Tech for big bucks, he'll join Ron DeSantis

Tom Cotton will even go to the hated Left Coast for cash.

Dicamba intrudes on the grave of an Arkansas legend, Lily Peter

Dicamba claims an ironic victim --gravesite of a dedicated environmentalist and Arkansas legend.

When animals attack, Arkansas edition

The more you know.

UA Board approves System president's recommendations on Fulbright at Fayetteville campus

UA Board rubberstamps recommendation to make little change in recognition of Fulbright on Fayetteville campus.

Civil suit added to 'Munchausen by proxy' case

A civil suit adds to claims against family alleged to have misrepresented adopted son as terminally ill.

UPDATE: Gilbert Baker trial: Attorney says Supreme Court justice implicated by Maggio. He testifies he lowered judgment to get campaign cash

Michael Maggio is to testify today and he may be asked about reference to his reported attempt to implicate Supreme Court justice in the scheme to which he pleaded guilty.

I-40 bridge reopening work to begin this weekend

All lanes to be open by Aug. 6. Or that is the plan.

Faculty survey: Democrat-Gazette publisher's 'values' rejected as standard for journalism school named for him

Democrat-Gazette publisher gets another knock from faculty at UNC school named for him after promised gift.

How bad is the COVID situation in Arkansas? Not bad enough yet to grow spines in legislative 'leadership'

How bad does it have to get for official action in Arkansas? How many must die?
picture of Natural State Treehouses Josh Hart in a treehouse

Natural State Treehouses makes dreams come true

You’ve heard about the pandemic-inspired surge in home construction and renovation, but what about the treehouse boom? Natural State Treehouses, the 10-year-old Fayetteville-based speciality contractor, has never been busier, owner Josh Hart said. 

Tom Mars moves ahead with lawsuit plans, urges governor and legislature to act

Tom Mars rattles a legal sword to spur state action. So far, it hasn't brought progress.

State Supreme Court Justice takes witness stand in federal bribery trial of Conway lobbyist

Arkansas Supreme Court Justice Rhonda Wood testified Tuesday that she never talked with former Circuit Judge Michael Maggio about his decision to alter a jury’s award in a nursing home negligence case in 2013 — a ruling that led to Maggio’s imprisonment and to federal bribery charges against former lobbyist Gilbert Baker.