A modest step for rental tenants clears House committee

One small step for tenants. Very small.

Planned Parenthood on the Arkansas legislature: Unconstitutional and unhealthy

A voice for women's medical rights rarely heard at the Arkansas legislature.

Legislature plans deck-chair shift on state employee and teacher health insurance

Will changing control of the insurance board be a cure for rising health costs?

Today's COVID report and the open line

Not so many shots in the last 24 hours.

No sham: Legislation aiming at racial unity

A commission to unify Arkansas? That's the aim of a bill to be discussed in a Senate committee Tuesday.

Little Rock board to take up pandemic, caravanning and sales tax

The pandemic emergency, drag racing and a big tax plan might spur some discussion.

With your help, we will get through this

Our small newsroom has been working tirelessly to report on the latest coronavirus developments along with all the other news that matters. Please support us with a cash gift.

The Onion returns to Arkansas for material again, this time using French Hill as butt of the 'joke'

French Hills plays the role of NRA sympathizer in The Onion's lampoon of how gun defenders might react to the latest mass killing.

Research to map segregation in Little Rock

UA Little Rock wins grant to continue study of the aftermath of school desegregation on Little Rock development.

The End of the Session Is Near (But Not Near Enough) Edition

On this week's podcast, Max Brantley and Lindsey Millar talk about the Arkansas legislature's terrible final days.

Today's news: Batting cleanup on the legislative messes

The news roundup on a day without the legislature is still dominated by their misdeeds.

Coronavirus today: More cases, more deaths and slower vaccinations

Coronavirus numbers are not good.

Helena mayor says his city will defy state gun 'sovereignty' bill

Mayor won't back down on federal gun law enforcement if 'sovereignty' bill becomes laws.

Game and Fish makes a pitch for license fee increases

It's been more than 30 years since the cost of hunting and fishing licenses have gone up.

Grinding the poor at the legislature

In the name of preventing welfare fraud, the legislature has approved a difficult-to-enforce, redundant bill to be sure a lucky lottery player doesn't get food stamps for her kids.

Another mass shooting, this one in Indianapolis

Another mass shooting, this time at a Fed Ex facility.

Unemployment rate drops, but so does workforce

Fewer working produces a lower unemployment rate, a sign in part of people giving up job searches.

UPDATE: Helena-West Helena will obey federal gun law, mayor says. Gun safety group calls for veto.

A mayor says he'll honor his oath and enforce federal gun laws.

Dismang's voucher bill moves to the House

Voucher bill speeds out of Senate to House.

How nasty is Tom Cotton? There's no bottom.

Arkansas, you own this,

Legislature effectively removes rape exception for some abortions

A rape exception for abortion? Not so much.