Zac Wright, communications director for Gov. Mike Beebe, has taken a leave of absence to be director of communications for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in the South Carolina primary. That primary, a critical early battleground, occurs Jan. 29. Wright said he’d only discussed the primary, not any subsequent duties for the Clinton campaign. If things go well, however, we’d expect Wright to keep campaigning.



Resume building

State Sen. Shawn Womack has had a recent run in the news that might not help him if he runs for a circuit judgeship.


The Republican from Mountain Home was disciplined by the Arkansas Supreme Court Committee on Professional Conduct. Womack will receive a letter of caution, the Committee’s mildest form of discipline, and will have to pay $50 in hearing costs and whatever the hearing reporter charges. The committee found for Catherine Miller of Gassville, who had once hired Womack to collect child support for her. The Committee found that Womack had violated rules requiring that a lawyer act with reasonable promptness, and that a lawyer keep the client reasonably informed about the status of the case. Womack testified that he thought he’d been replaced as Miller’s lawyer.

As luck would have it, Womack made news twice the day of the disciplinary hearing. The other headline was for his work in the Senate. He engineered the Senate’s hiring of former Huckabee administration hand Bruce Campbell to serve as the Senate’s pork barrel spending monitor at $60,000 a year. At least one Republican senator, Dave Bisbee, thought the job was unnecessary.


Womack also is known for his advocacy of legislation to ban gay people from adopting or fostering children. Of course that might help him with voters in his part of the state.

Huckabee ousts a cyber pest


Some years back, Mike Huckabee’s technical advisors failed to nail down the licenses to the web domains and They were purchased by Kurt Sims, a website developer from Arkansas, whose maintained as a working site with material critical of the former governor. Earlier this year, Huckabee was able to buy some other domain names similar to his. But Sims for the longest time wouldn’t sell. He also resisted legal threats over his alleged “cybersquatting” by Huckabee’s personal attorney, Kevin Crass.

But several weeks ago, a law firm renewed efforts to buy the domains from Sims. He sent notice of that out and invited Democratic partisans to bid on the domains. None responded. Finally, Sims negotiated a price of $5,000 for the domains. He did not know who the law firm represented in the sale, but the disappearance of Sims’ anti-Huckabee material from the web after the deal was struck is a hint. Sims said health reasons prompted the sale. “Life is just too short to waste time on such things,” he said. His page featured such things as Huckabee’s air travel and his work to free the murderer Wayne Dumond.


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