The Internal Revenue Service announced last week that it has revoked the tax-exempt status of 2,560 Arkansas non-profit organizations that failed to file their required tax forms for three years running. That means gifts made to these charities will not qualify the donor for a tax deduction. The Arkansas charities that lost their tax-exempt status are among 275,000 non-profits nationally that failed to report to the IRS. A list of Arkansas non-profits that have lost their status can be found at

The IRS release said the agency believes that most of the non-profits that have lost their exemption are defunct. A random check of the list of Little Rock charities came up with one mistake: The Firefighters Foundation of Little Rock, at 2228 Cottondale Lane, which says it is up to date on its electronic 990-N (for foundations with receipts less than $50,000 annually). The foundation accountant is contacting the IRS to fix the error. Feel free to write them a check, which goes to scholarships.