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Inconsequential News Quiz: Dogpatched Edition

Play at home, with your visiting parole officer.

Inconsequential News Quiz: Don't Stop Believin' Edition

Play at home, while thinking of what Harriet would do.

Inconsequential News Quiz: “Forget It, Jake. It’s Marion County” Edition

Play at home, while making yourself a delicious meth sandwich!

Little Rock's downtown is mostly parking lots

How much of downtown real estate should be devoted simply to parked cars? Not so much, city planners across the country write. Beside the fact that parking lots aren’t the highest use of urban property, asphalt expanses create unappealing dead zones. But, as Little Rock Planning Director Jamie Collins said recently, “Arkansas is a strong property rights state,” meaning it’s unlikely Little Rock is going to restrict surface parking except in designated historic areas.

Inconsequential News Quiz: Give Me Tacos, or Give Me Death Edition

Play at home, while skillfully re-editing Jason Rapert’s video deposition to make it seem like he rips a wet fart every time he pauses.

Inconsequential News Quiz: Shoes, shoes, shoes Edition

Play at home, while keeping an eye out for wayward boa constrictors!

Inconsequential News Quiz: Dastardly Doings in Dogtown Edition

Play at home, while fondling your historic doorknob!

Inconsequential News Quiz: Sexually Satisfied Edition

Play at home, while waiting for the inevitable no-knock warrant to be served.

You run deep in me: Arkansas tattoos

I ink, therefore I am — from Arkansas.

Inconsequential News Quiz: Hide your jewelry, the legislature is in town edition

Play at home, while guarding your stuff from sticky-fingered DHS employees!

Best beards

Mustaches, too.

Inconsequential News Quiz: Cheap ass weave edition

Play at home, just before being attacked by a ravenous mountain lion!

Local Lime

The 411 on Little Rock's new e-scooters.

Inconsequential News Quiz: Please Hammer, don't hurt 'em edition

Play while you scarf down volcano wings with Satan's mother-in-law.

Denise Garner wants campuses to be able to say 'no' to concealed carry

'Compromise is not a bad word,' the freshman legislator from Fayetteville says.

Inconsequential News Quiz: The last weekly edition

Play at home, then flee the scene in a taxi.

Inconsequential News Quiz: Sawbucks edition

Play in South Arkansas on your Arkansas Times-provided iPad!

Inconsequential News Quiz: Burning hole revisited edition

Play at home while eating a delicious Morningside Bagel!

Inconsequential News Quiz: Hooterville headcount edition

Play at your rural home, very slowly, on dial-up internet.

Inconsequential News Quiz: Personal choices edition

Play in your federal prison cell!