1) Incredibly, which of the following Arkansas towns with long-standing reputations for being racist have had sizable, vocal and peaceful Black Lives Matter protests in recent weeks?

  1. A) Cabot.
  2. B) Mountain Home.
  3. C) Harrison.
  4. D) All of the above.

2) Sen. Jason Rapert (R-1957) recently took to Facebook to respond to a Supreme Court decision in which justices ruled that Title VII anti-discrimination protections in the workplace apply to gay and transgender people. According to the post, which of the following is a result of this and other SCOTUS decisions in favor of civil rights?

  1. A) They have erected The False God to Abortion!
  2. B) They have erected The False God to Homosexuality!
  3. C) Individuals and business are being FORCED to bow down or face punishment!
  4. D) All of the above.   

3) Which of the following is approximately as delicious as Rapert’s Facebook tears on the morning the SCOTUS handed down a 6-3 decision that vastly expands LGBTQ rights, with Trump-nominated Justice Neil Gorsuch joining John Roberts and the Court’s liberal wing to make it happen?

  1. A) Did your mother ever make you a birthday cake when you were about 5 or 6 years old? Remember how that tasted? Better than that.
  2. B) Four-pound, triple-decker banana split that somehow doesn’t impart a single calorie.
  3. C) Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve 23yr. 
  4. D) Sorry, none of the above are quite as delicious. 

4) Which of the following was a real topic of discussion during three hours of recent testimony before the state legislature’s House and Senate committees on City, County and Local Affairs as they discussed the handling of Black Lives Matter demonstrations that saw protesters tear-gassed at the state Capitol?

  1. A) State Capitol Police Chief Darrell Hedden, who is white, said that the largely peaceful protests, which regrettably saw some graffiti and window-breaking downtown, were like “the Vietnam War came to Little Rock,” and added that he feared the Capitol, which is built of granite, “was going to be burned to the ground.”
  2. B) It was revealed that Hedden and the Capitol Police did not coordinate their efforts during the protests with LRPD Chief Keith Humphrey, who is black. Hedden told legislators he had concerns that Humphrey might pass on intelligence to protesters.
  3. C) After intense questioning by Republican lawmakers, including some who suggested the LRPD should have met the protests with a more violent response, Humphrey, referring to his previous employment as chief of police in Norman, Okla., said he had “never been questioned like I’m being questioned now. Even in a sundown town.”
  4. D) All of the above.

5) Attorneys for former University of Arkansas head football coach Bret Bielema recently filed suit against the Razorback Foundation. Why did Bielema head to court?

  1. A) He claims the foundation promised him a $200 bonus for every month he didn’t crash a motorcycle, sports car or personal watercraft while in the company of a much younger woman who wasn’t his wife.
  2. B) He claims being fired by the university irreparably harmed his sideline career as a Fred Flintstone impersonator.
  3. C) He claims the university violated his civil rights by forcing him to bathe, wear shoes and shave at least every third day.
  4. D) Bielema claims the foundation breached its contract with him and still owes him $7.025 million of his total buyout.