Play in jail, while still pissed over your broken headphones.

1) In October, a panel established by Governor Hutchinson recommended that high school students be required to get credits in an important new discipline in order to graduate. In what field did the panel recommend students get credit? 

  1. A) Spores, Molds and Fungi.
  2. B) Moonshinin’.
  3. C) Defense Against the Dark Arts.
  4. D) Computer Science.

2) A 25-year-old Mountain Home woman was arrested in October after she allegedly stabbed her boyfriend in the chest with a knife. According to investigators, why did she stab him?

  1. A) Despair over the death of RBG. We get it.
  2. B) She read a QAnon theory that Metallica T-shirts are stab-proof and wanted to test it.
  3. C) It was a drunken attempt to pierce his nipple.
  4. D) She apparently believed he had something to do with breaking her headphones. 

3) In mid-October, officials with the Pulaski County Election Commission acknowledged that the name of business owner David Alan Bubbus, a candidate for the Little Rock Board of Directors, would be misspelled on ballots, with the mistake caught too late to be corrected in time for the election. How was Bubbus’ name misspelled on the ballot?

  1. A) David Alvin Bubbles.
  2. B) Doris Alien Blubber.
  3. C) Dr. Johnny Bananas.
  4. D) David Alan Bubbas.

4) Shep, an 8-year-old mixed-breed dog, passed away in October, and officials in North Little Rock announced they planned to place a memorial to him in a park there. Why will Shep be so honored after his passing?

  1. A) He was, like, a reeeeeally good boy.
  2. B) He once saved North Little Rock Mayor Joe Smith from choking by administering the Heimlich Maneuver.
  3. C) He was the inventor of Dog Math.
  4. D) Since 2014, Shep had been on patrol against flocks of geese that had previously congregated on North Little Rock’s Burns Park Golf Course, soccer fields and trails, his diligent goose-chasing helping keep public spaces free of the birds’ droppings.

5) In more consequential news, Andrea Michelle Barfield, 47, of Little Rock, was recently sentenced to 12 years in prison in a September 2019 homicide in which investigators said Barfield used an unusual weapon to kill a 62-year-old woman. According to police, what was the weapon Barfield used?

  1. A) A spoon.
  2. B) A bar of soap.
  3. C) A DVD copy of “Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigolo.”
  4. D) A standard-sized can of tomato soup.