Reliable sources

More on that $57,000 expense account the University of Central Arkansas Foundation set up for President Lu Hardin:


Two donors gave more than $2,500 in the past two fiscal years, UCA’s attorney told the Times.

Rush Harding III, a trustee of the university who pledged to donate $1.5 million to the school in 2004, contributed $102,000 over the past four years, he said. Hardin, who has paid off the pledge, said in the future he will be more specific about how his donations are to be spent.


Steve Strange Sr., president of the Conway insurance firm American Management Corp. and a regular contributor to the school since the early 1990s, has donated $1,000 a month to the UCA Foundation since 2006.

Nate Coulter, representing the foundation, also said the fund had six donors in 2006-07 and eight in 2007-08.



Two-ply, please

Among the purchases Hardin made from his expense account — gifts, flowers, sponsorships and club memberships — was toilet paper. The foundation reimbursed UCA physical plant director Larry Lawrence $98 in October 2006 for two-ply paper for the presidential residence. According to documentation accompanying the purchase, Lawrence bought one Wal-Mart store’s entire stock of Charmin 12-packs — 96 rolls in all — before heading to a second Wal-Mart to get the 60 additional rolls needed to complete the order. Lawrence was reimbursed for another presidential tissue purchase, this time for $42, in April 2007.

“The state has a tissue contract for a really cheap one-ply paper,” Lawrence said. “The president has a number of functions at his house, and early on we discussed getting a better quality paper.” Lawrence said the arrangement has been in place for four or five years.



Club news

Beginning Sept. 1, North Little Rock residents who want a late night taste will have to head outside the city limits. By city ordinance, private clubs, previously allowed to stay open from 2 a.m. until 5 a.m., will be forced to close at 2 a.m. The law affects Jimmy Doyle’s Country Club, Counterpoint and the Checkmate Club, which is only open occasionally, usually for private events.