It was a good week for …

SEN. HILLARY CLINTON. She drew enthusiastic crowds, hefty contributions and a warm endorsement from Gov. Mike Beebe on a one-day presidential campaign visit to Arkansas.


EXAGGERATION. Some legislators seem intent on making a crisis where none exists on a drafting error in the law to make the minimum marriage age 18. The law now reads as intended, thanks to a fix by the Code Revision Commission. No county clerk plans to issue a license to a child, absent a successful lawsuit or a wayward judge’s permission. No special session is needed.

MAYOR MARK STODOLA. He opposes expansion of BFI’s landfill in the heart of Southwest Little Rock. Imagine — siding with people over a garbage hauler. What will the Chamber of Commerce say?


HOUSTON NUTT. A judge in Fayetteville dismissed the lawsuit aiming at digging up more information on e-mails sent by UA football coach Nutt’s allies pertaining to the disillusioned Hog quarterback, Mitch Mustain.

It was a bad week for …


JEFFERSON COUNTY. Another circuit clerk, in office less than a year and the second clerk there to have trouble in the last couple of years, has resigned during an investigation following an audit that disclosed she spent public money on her personal car, house and church furniture and Rotary Club and credit card fees.

BARBECUE FANS. The venerable Lindsey’s in North Little Rock was all but destroyed by fire. Rebuilding plans were uncertain at press time. Greater than the loss of the barbecue is the potential loss of the city’s best fried pie.

NORTH LITTLE ROCK. A brutal summer is a bad companion to a 38 percent increase in electric rates, rates that should go up next year because of a continuing rise in wholesale costs. Regrettably, Mayor Pat Hays seems friendly to a notion being sold by bond lawyers to borrow money to offset future rate increases, rather than instantly passing the wholesale costs to customers. Oh, yeah. Great idea. Put your electric bill on a credit card so you can pay revolving interest for the rest of your life.