I’m really just dipping my toe in by running this post, which is a re-tread from an entry that I posted last summer on my main blog.  I’m trying to figure out the capabilities and limitations of both myself and this particular blogging software, which is totally new to me.  (I predict that the capabilities will be almost wholly those of the software, Moveable Type, and that the limitations will, for the most part, belong squarely to me.)

The following was written in the form of a journal entry to my daughter, but as I look over it now, it reads as a bit of a love-letter to my home state, as well, and I hope to instill in my child an appreciation for the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, feel, and above all the people of Arkansas.

So let’s see how this one comes through, and if all goes well, expect a “proper” introduction to follow soon after, as well as some monkeying around with template design and categories and fancy things such as that.  For now, I am Belinda Miller, and this is “Ninja Poodles: Local”, my little corner of the Times’ Blogosphere.  Thanks for visiting.