My small family (well, small if you restrict yourself to counting just the humans; there are only three of  us) just moved from the hinterlands barely outside Jacksonville to the hinterlands barely outside Cabot.  We’re still in that odd no-man’s-land that is neither town, but technically, we reside in one now instead of technically residing in the other.  And the same goes for counties:  where we were previously just in Pulaski County, now we are just in Lonoke County, by the skin of our teeth.  So it is that we are having to orient ourselves to new routines, new telephone prefixes (and the fact that, even though we’ve only moved 5 miles, now all of our cell phone numbers are LONG DISTANCE CALLS from our home) new routes to and from work–different ones at different times of the day, for maximum efficiency, as it turns out–different layouts of chain grocery and discount stores that really, by law, ought to have to be organized in precisely the same manner no matter where you find them, under severe penalty of some sort if you must walk more than a quarter of a mile to find, for example, aspirin or fish-food, and of course, different “good places t’eat.”