And wishing I could take the credit, but it was Lindsay who got this ball rolling.  I would like to hug her right now. 

See the previous post, and note that a tiny victory for the self-respect of tiny girls has been won, in that the website “Total Nockouts” (yes, that is how they spell it, despite my mistakenly spelling it correctly in the last post, really) is DOWN.  Admittedly, it’s only “down for construction,” and obviously, it will be back in the same or a similar incarnation, because there’s too darn much money to be made from these little glamor-gals to think otherwise. But for now, at least, no one will be looking at that particular group of  frighteningly um, adult photos of a bunch of sweet, innocent young, younger, and REALLY YOUNG girls from Arkansas.  May all their parents rest easier…and may they and the photographers think a little bit about the context into which they are inserting these precious children.

And if you’re REALLY still dying to see creepy (just my opinion) digitally mutated versions of weird, standardized, and completely artificial “beauty,” you can still catch a sample here.  At least the girls on her page appear to be out of diapers.  And hey, if she didn’t pull her site when BoingBoing linked it to lampoon this photographic production method, they’re sure not gonna pull it now.  Oh, and here.  Because Dave, well…he’s not even afraid of bad zombie monkies.

Belinda also blogs from her “home base” on the internet, NINJA POODLES!  Expect chaos.  Right now, expect TiVo and the contents of refrigerators.