OK, so one of my favorite all-time bloggers, blogging royalty, one of the reasons I started my own first blog, M. Kennedy of fussy.org, had this brainchild, in which bloggers would band together and agree to make one post per day for the entire month of November, and christened it National Blog Post Month, or NABLOPOMO for, um, “short.”  I signed on at my main blog, and so decided to go ahead and give it a shot here, too.  For the full story, pull the trigger (clicky clicky) on the above image.

As I mentioned over at the other place, I can’t promise you astounding daily quality of content–I might be forced to blog about “Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!”, or something, but I can promise that I’ll at least BE HERE.  And in the hopes that if I start off here with something totally lame, things can only improve, I give you this observation:

Did anyone else examine the giant, GIANT insert, printed on thick, glossy paper, in this past Sunday’s Democrat-Gazette, for the new Parisian store opening in Little Rock?  Did you look at the featured clothes?  And did you think to yourself, as I did, ESPECIALLY with the clothes featured on the last page, that if any one of those outfits had been exhibited on “Project Runway,” that the designer would have been immediately “aufed?”  I mean, there was some serious ugly happening in that insert.  Unflattering, uncoordinated, and VERY misguided (in my opinion) for the local market.  I have heard from friends in areas with Parisian stores that they do have nice clothes, but those advertising selections…


Anyone?  If you managed to hit the Grand Opening, please comment, and let me know what the Saks folks think is going to be selling big in Little Rock, and if you like it!

See you tomorrow.

Belinda also blogs from her home base on the Internet, NINJA POODLES!  Expect chaos.  During November, expect it daily.