First of all, I’m happy to report that our little pony who was stricken–twice–with West Nile Virus this fall has recovered well, as shown here in shaggy purple splendor, napping through our daughter’s birthday party, last weekend:

The moral being, get thee to a veterinarian at the FIRST sign of “Not Doin’ Right” Syndrome, and B-E  AGRESSIVE.  After the loss of both our elderly horses this year, we were pretty darn grateful to have hung onto this sweet little gal.  As, obviously, was her young owner.

So, did anyone go to the Parisian Grand Opening?  Anyone?  Or have you been since?  Seriously, I wanna hear about it.  I did find a couple of reasonable fall/winter collections (“reasonable” for a working mother of a preschooler living in rural Arkansas, which may not be the same version of “reasonable” that you use), upon closer examination of their website, so I’m dying to check out the store.  I’m also wondering if their price points will hold with local buyers–it seems like they’ll be pulling from the Barbara Jean-ish market, and that doesn’t seem to be an enormous pool of potential shoppers, from my vantage point.

And hey-ho, I’ve also got the latest from South Arkansas’ music scene, once again courtesy of the good folks at El Dorado Underground!  Most importantly, don’t miss their podcast highlighting this weekend’s upcoming acts, including interviews and music samples.  And allow me to say:  I spend a good deal of time on the internet (insert cry of “loser!” disguised as a *cough* here), and listen to a lot of podcasts…EDU is putting up some really good debut efforts.  Check it out.  Elektra, in particular, does a heckuva job wrangling the interviews and guiding the patter, and I’m betting it’ll just continue to get better and better  with time.


Up this weekend:  Two performances from The Lance Younger Band Friday and Saturday, at the Corner Cafe (117 E. Main St., 870-863-6611) and then just across the street at the Laredo Grill (200 E. Main St., 870-875-1722), respectively.  The song I sampled on the band’s MySpace page sounds promising, and it passed this household’s Boogie Litmus Test by making my preschool-age daughter dance around the room and then request a replay.  The band has some strong local connections, so the audience should be a major player in these shows…and that’s always good, right?

Also playing  on Saturday night:  Chris Loggins and Friends at the Corner Cafe, Dressed Up Naked at Einstein’s, and Bag100 at Visions Nightclub.

Judging from a distance, and by the samplings I could gather from the comfort of my own home from sources such as CDBaby, Bag100 looks like the weekend’s heavy-hitter, (although personally, I’d probably be over at Einstein’s this time).  They have the “new kid” recording creds, and enough range to ensure an entertaining show for a wide variety of rock music tastes.  The band’s press release is here…and everywhere, really, so I won’t reproduce it in this space.

So hey, there’s your South Arkansas nightlife, but why should that be all?  Go on down early, and make a day of it.  Eat some barbecue, buy some antiques.  What, you have something better to do?

And hey, those of you who are getting out and around?  Take notes, take pictures, tell me about it, and let me share!  There is so much of Arkansas going unnoticed.  Let’s share with each other, shall we?

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