Why not?  Even if you don’t take photos, there is so much to enjoy of the bounty that is flickr.com.   Requiring no registration to view photos, flickr has long stood head and shoulders above other photo-sharing sites, and its innovative tools, such as groups, pools, and extensive tagging system makes it just one of the greatest internet experiences around.

If you have an interest, there is almost certainly at least one flickr group devoted to photographing that interest.  You name it, it’s there.  I’m not sure why it took me so long, but it was only a couple of weeks ago that it occurred to me to search for photos tagged “Arkansas.”  This led me to the group photo pool titled “Arkansas,” and a world of Natural State beauty and interest.  The very nature of flickr-hopping leads one to make more and more discoveries.  Did you ever read the encyclopedia as a kid?  No?  Seriously?  That was just me?  OK, well, what would happen, is that you’d look up one thing, and that entry would contain something else that you’d like to investigate, so you’d go there, and be led somewhere else…with the internet, it’s instantaneous and much more fun, plus, no paper cuts!

If you follow a photostream to its owner’s profile, you might even luck out and find new blogs and websites of interest, and people with whom you have much in common, who might be right next door.  It’s an incredible world-shrinker, is flickr.  I’ve made my own contributions toward illustrating Arkansas life, but as you can see, I am no photographer–I’m just “journaling” in a different way (click images for details):



Fortunately, much of flickr is populated by photographs of astonishing beauty, by skilled photographers.  Fittingly, today, one of the newest additions to the photos tagged “Arkansas” is titled “Grumpy Max.”  Hee. (Any similarity to persons real or fictional is purely coincidental.)

I’m going to stop talking now and just share just a few of my recent favorites of the fantastic Arkansas-themed photos on flickr.  And remember, to put it in flickrspeak, most of these images are “best viewed large.”  Because these photos are copyright-protected, I’m just providing the following links, and strongly encourage you to check them out, and then to “explore Arkansas” through flickr.

Gambler P, by JLee77 of Hot Springs
Big Dam Bridge and Big Dam Bridge in Fog, byNorth Little Rock’s  Brian Cormack
Arthur’s House, and Peaches, Honey, Tomatoes, by Ozzie from Batesville
After The Rain, by Gene Anston
A Closer Look, by Bryant’s Debbie Sikes (mother of Kris)
Untitled McFadden and Untitled Lake Ouachita, by Kris Sikes (son of Debbie)
Still, by Mandy Gann of North Little Rock
The 1st 35 Arkansas Military Casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan, by omniprotest
Triptyck, by Steve Spencer
“Ghost Boats on the Mississippi,” by Gary Bridgman of Memphis (almost Arkansas)
Peter Hanger Gin by Pris Weathers


If you are, or know of a great (or even not-so-great) Arkansas photographer, or have some flickr finds of your own, please make a note in the comments.  And don’t forget, when surfing for fabulous images online, to look in your own backyard.  A unique moment might be closer than you think.

(New pet cat, Jack, courtesy of Maumelle Friends of the Animals.  Great bunch of people running a fine organization.)

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