I give you the ultimate tailgate-party accessory, the “Cruzin’ Cooler.”  I am nearly speechless at the mere existence of this product.  From the website:

“All the Cruzin Cooler needs is a designated driver. When the party is quite a ways from the parking lot, don’t struggle with the cooler-drive it! Cruzin Cooler turns a large cooler into a motorized scooter, complete with power steering, disc brakes, and foot pedals. It’s the easy way to transport food and drinks at sporting events or to the neighborhood barbecue. It maneuvers easily, clipping along up to 12-15 miles per hour. Cruzin Cooler has a 24-can capacity (with ice).”

There is a cup-holder…


which opens to provide access into the cooler itself, lest you have to leave your seat or stop driving to get a new cold drink.


Not Included:  Functioning alcoholic operator.