We’re enjoying a relaxing weekend, had a great dinner last night at Brave New Restaurant, which you’ll hear more about later, because I freaking LOVE that place.  The Peabody Little Rock is everything it should be, even if we wish it had some technical upgrades like wireless internet (seriously, Peabody!!) and On-Demand (i.e. “pausable) Pay-Per-View movies (they DO have movies, but if you get interrupted while watching one, you’re just gonna miss out.)  The beds are great, although I do bring my own pillow and blanket to every hotel I visit, because I’m neurotic like that, and there is an imaginary blacklight in my brain.  We’re settled in with room service and the Razorback game on TV, and our only real ambition for the day is to make it downstairs to see the March of the Ducks at 5:00, and then start thinking about dinner at Capriccio’s.  Life is tough.  More on all this upon our return, but for now I leave you with a grainy cellphone photo from our window, and proof that there’s really no compelling reason to get out of bed at The Peabody.

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