The setup gets a little complicated, but bear with me:  This photo, that Alex took of our daughter, at the Cabot Dixie Cafe, was used to illustrate an article that appeared on the fabulous Consumerist blog, which picked up the substance of its article from The New York Times.  Click the photo to go to the original page at

Everyone knows the 5 second rule. If you drop a piece of food on the floor, and then pick it up before you can count to five, you won’t die of salmonella. Right? Eh, maybe. They took a look at this one on that show Mythbusters, and now some real scientists have given it a once over. The results are delicious.

(Mother’s note:  I feel compelled to state for the record that at no time did Bella’s bit of bread with honey touch the floor, not for 5 seconds or any amount of time.  Thank you.)

 You can read more from Belinda at her flagship blog, NINJA POODLES!  Expect chaos.  Right now, expect gross account, with photos, of harrowing brush with poison ivy, Lyme disease, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Wheee!