I’ve mentioned restaurant.com here before.  I’m not affiliated with or reimbursed by them (or any of the restaurants named here) in any way, but as we’ve discussed, I’m cheap, and having purchased certificates from them in the past, I’m on restaurant.com’s mailing list, so just got notice of the current 60% off sale running now.  The way the site works is that you get discounts at area restaurants by purchasing “gift certificates” which are worth a higher face value at the restaurant than their cost to you.  ( i.e.  At normal prices, a $25 certificate costs $10, so it’s like getting $15 off your meal–the current sale sweetens the deal a bit, so that you’re getting a $25 certificate for $4, and a $10 certificate for $1.20.)

The participating restaurants offer a finite number of certificates each month, so toward the end of the month, the savings get larger while the choices are fewer due to the certificates’ selling out.  Here’s what’s available, as of this writing, on sale around the state, with the coupon code “FREEDOM” at checkout.

*Pasta Jack’s Italian, 9811 Maumelle Blvd.:  $10 certificate, available for $1.20 with discount.
*Shorty Small’s, 4317 Warden Rd:  $25 certificate, $4 with discount AND $10 certificate, $1.20 after discount.

*Camp David, 600 I-30:  $25 certificate, $4 after discount.
*Juanita’s, 1400 S. Main: $10 certificate, $1.20 after discount.
*Lucchesi’s, 5600 Kavanaugh:  $25 certificate, $4 after discount
*Market Street Grill and Pub, 11321 W. Markam:  $25 certificate, $4 after discount
*Ristorante Capeo, 425 Main St.:  $25 certificate, $4 after discount
*Season’s in the Heights, 1501  N. University:  $25 certificate, $4 after discount
*Shorty Small’s, 11100 Rodney Parham:  $25 certificate, $4 with discount AND $10 certificate, $1.20 after discount.
*The Faded Rose, 400 N. Bowman and 1619 Rebsamen Park Rd.:  $25 certificate, $4 after discount (certificates are specific to location)
*The Bistro, 20400 Arch Street Pike (Wrightsville):  $25 certificate, $4 after discount.


Shorty Small’s, 1475 Hogan Lane:  $25 certificate, $4 with discount AND $10 certificate, $1.20 after discount.

*Dee’s BBQ, 23 Phillips Rd. 230:  $10 certificate, $1.20 after discount


*The Sandwich Shoppe, 628 Madison St: 50% OFF certificate, $1.20 after discount (this is the first time I’ve seen a straight “% OFF” coupon through Restaurant.com , and I were in Clarendon and a patron of The Sandwich Shoppe, I’d buy myself a handful of these babies).

*Don Quixote’s, 103 Historic Main St:  $25 certificate, $4 after discount

*LJ’s Restaurant, 1160 Cypress Ave:  $25 certificate, $4 with discount AND $10 certificate, $1.20 after discount.

*Piero’s 320 S. Main St:  $25 certificate, $4 after discount
*Shorty Small’s, 3000 E. Highland Dr:  $25 certificate, $4 with discount AND $10 certificate, $1.20 after discount.


Each individual restaurant has its own “fine print,” so be sure to check that out before you purchase.  Sometimes you can only redeem on certain days, some only at dinner, and alcohol purchases are excluded from the totals in all cases, as far as I know.  Still some darn good deals.  I’ve seen the discounts go as high as 80% off, usually during the winter, but 60% is usually the time when I’ll go ahead and bite.  Restaurant.com sends you an email after your purchase, with a code which enables you to print the certificates right from your computer.