This Week’s Theme:  Those great old barns that criss-cross our state…the ones that are being maintained, the ones that are losing the battle, and the ones that are being reclaimed by Nature.  These structures seem to fascinate photographers, and we have no shortage of such images from photographers in our fair state.  Oh, and rest assured that this is one of the only times that a “Flickr Friday” will contain so many of my own photos–I just happen to have a soft place in my heart for these dilapidated old barns.  Please click on each individual photo for more information.

“Leaning Barn” by ninjapoodles


“Weathered,” by JimAR, taken in Rose Hill

“Gossip Fence” by ninjapoodles


Untitled, from WestieMama

“Clagett’s Farm, Buffalo National River, July 2007” by rauchdickson (for some reason, I simply cannot get this one to display, so please click through for the image–it’s worth it.)


“Piecemeal” by ninjapoodles

“Log Barn Near Green Forest, AR 2” by Jim McKenzie

“Wish They Still Made ‘Em Like This” by ninjapoodles

“Beware The Guard Horse” by cormack13–again, this fabulous image is a victim of the seemingly arbitrary and whimsical nature of the Moveable Type blogging platform that we use here.  PLEASE click through and view it.  You’ll be glad you did.


“Overgrown” by ninjapoodles