Well, almost.  We’re just about to board, and I am headed to Chicago for the 2007 BlogHer Conference.   Could not be more excited.

Homeland Security threat level this morning? Orange, whatever that means.  Not sure how skeered I’m supposed to be.  The security process is tedious, but the lines are clipping along right smart here in Little Rock, so much so that you hardly have time to get yourself organized before you’re up.


Personal travel tip from me to you:  Make sure your drivers’ license has been renewed, mmkay?  Otherwise, you get the Personal Perp-Walk through security, and probably a little more attention than you’d planned on.  I have to say, though, the gal that walked me through was cheerful and polite, and it wasn’t too big a deal.  This is my first post-9/11 flight (I KNOW!), and walking the airport barefoot is just…weird.

In other news, loving the free WiFi at LRNA.  In the last 20 minutes, I have offloaded pics from my camera onto flickr, done some Twittering, read e-mail, and made two blog posts.  Brave New World, I love this part of you.


Hey, we’re boarding!  Next stop, Chicago.  I’ll be live-blogging some of the sessions over here, if you’re interested in following along.