The skies over Arkansas have been particularly beautiful lately, which facilitates the theme of this week’s online photography exhibit, “Looking Up.”  Here are some images, mined from the “Arkansas” flickr group, that you might have seen if you’d been looking up in Arkansas recently.  Please click the photos for a better look, and to visit the photographer’s photostream.  It’s time well-spent.

Arkansas Sunrise, by Jessica Hartley


Arkansas Clouds, by Jim-AR

Clinton Presidential Library, by artouttamymind


Ft. Smith, Arkansas, by Nelson Foto

I Wish I Was Here, by Mandy Gann (note the hang-glider)


North, by grantlharrison

Just Out Of Reach, by dsimmons2006

Paris Lake Sunset, by kevine323

Teepees, by enveehaze


OK Feed Mills, by Nelson Foto

The Rainbow Connection, by Mandy Gann

Sunset, Nothing But Clouds, by ninjapoodles

Sunday Stormy Sunday, by cormack13

West Helena River Bridge, by jessirae76

X-Coaster at Magic Springs, by dsimmons2006

Windmill, by tarahog1980

South Arkansas Sunset, by Jim-AR

Now, EVERYONE get out there and get to snapping the Arkansas beauty around you!