The holiday season is upon us, and we’re busy.  REALLY busy.  And with all the rain we’ve had, our pets are definitely dirty and disheveled.  But with all the other errands we seem to be running every day, arranging grooming appointments for our 4-legged family members is just something that keeps getting put on the back burner, it seems…and meanwhile, the dogs don’t get any cleaner.  Enter the cavalry–or in this case, the Mobile Groomer.

Granted, we have a lot of dogs…let’s just call it right around a half-dozen, and leave it at that.  We got bitten by the dog show bug several years ago, and have not yet recovered.  And to make matters more complicated, ours are poodles, which means hair, hair, and more hair.  Having a non-shedding breed means a trade-off in the form of regular grooming–you MUST cut the hair, or else it just grows and grows and grows.  For our showdogs, this means banding and wrapping long show-coats, and keeping the hair meticulously clean.  The retired champions have it a bit easier, as they get to go relatively “naked.”  Keeping us on track with both these efforts is a mobile groomer–a good one.


Michelle Mace has been grooming our dogs, for both the showring and the sofa, for over a decade now.  When she first took her business all mobile, under the name “Ultimutt Pet Spa” (501-438-1165),  it took some getting used to, but now we’re total converts.  You can imagine how much easier it is having Michelle park at our front door and groom 5 or 6 dogs in a row, as opposed to me schlepping 5 or 6 dogs to a grooming shop and back again.  And from her perspective, she has a much wider client-base, since she can plan grooming trips along a “route” and cover several counties in central Arkansas.

The mobile unit is equipped with hot and cold running water, super-sudser pump, a bathing tub, adjustable grooming table, and dryers, among other features.  There is a vacuum hose that attaches to electric clippers, so that pet hair is whisked right into a trash receptacle instead of falling to the floor.  And the “instant” nature of the mobile grooming business means that my dogs are washed, dried, clipped, and scissored by hand, and never put into a cage with a cage-dryer blasting them.


Here is one of our retired champion girls, Gabby, after her bath and blow-dry and clipping, but before any scissoring.

It’s amazing to me the magic that a good groomer can work with scissors.  As a rule, the more scissor-work, the better the dog looks, no matter what the breed.  You just don’t get as polished a finish with clippers.


And somehow, like magic, instead of a shaggy ragamuffin, I suddenly have a clean, pretty girl who’s even wearing a light designer scent.  And boy, do they ever know when they’re pretty.

If you have pets, and those pets get dirty and/or shaggy, you might want to consider a mobile pet groomer.  They sure can make your life (and your pet’s) easier.  And don’t forget–they do cats, too (as modeled here by my own personal LOLCAT, Odette)!