I don’t know if this is a purely Southern phenomenon, but I see it all too often around here, and when I do, it makes me feel stabby. This is just BEYOND idiotic. I truly do not understand what people are thinking when they drive around with dogs in the bed of a pickup truck. Presumably, they “love” their dogs and want to take them for a ride. Bollocks.

If you LOVE your dogs, or even care casually about them, you don’t set them up to become projectiles in even a minor traffic accident or just a “near miss” in which you must slam on your brakes or swerve. Even if you’re the best driver in the world (and observing the judgment you’re showing here, you’re NOT), you can’t predict or control what other drivers on the road with you are going to do.


And if the thought of your dogs going flying into the street only to then be hit by other cars is not enough of a deterrent to keep you from doing something this stupid, then consider something else: If you’re involved in an accident, and your dog becomes a 60-pound projectile which causes injury to another person or persons, who do you think is going to be liable for that injury?

To sum up, THIS IS STUPID;  If you’re doing it, please knock it off.  For all our sakes.


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