I’ve meant to write about Hulu before, because I’ve been loving it since Day One.  But while it was in Beta, and limited to invitation-only, I was hesitant lest it not make it.  But now, it’s gone public and added a huge amount of content, including more full episode television and even a decent selection of full-length feature films.  Just a cursory glance at that category shows options like “The Big Lebowski” and “The Usual Suspects,” so I have high hopes for the future of Hulu. 

Get on over to Hulu.com, sign up, and start browsing.  It’s free, and, in my opinion, it’s fabulous.  You even have the option of embedding their content on your own site, and the superior quality of Hulu video (compared to YouTube or Google Video) is impressive.


Uh…if someone knows the secret to embedding video on THIS blog, hit me up right quick, wouldja?  That would be the code above, there.