Razorback Expats

Where in the World is Charles Balentine?

Charles Balentine remains well-known among Razorback fans for hitting the 3rd biggest shot in Arkansas history (we'll give you two guesses as to what #1 and #2 are), but many other details of his storied career are slipping away into the mists of time.

Tuesday Hodge Podge

Razorback news and notes from around the web (warning: some of these links aren't exactly timely, but then again you probably already knew not to count on us for hot-off-the-presses info): * Nate Allen rips Jeff Long a new one (he even busts out the Y-word).

Welcome to Expat Status, Jonathan Luigs

This year's NFL draft has come and gone. ESPN can put Mel Kiper back in the closet, or he can go back to the Pentecostal Church he pastors.

Q&A: Greg Skulman, Part 4

It's time now for the fourth and final installment of our Q&A with former Arkansas basketball player Greg Skulman (here's part 1, part 2 and part 3).

Wilson vs Mallett: There Can Only Be One

The dog days of the offseason don't bring a lot of genuinely exciting news, but tomorrow (Thursday) actually promises to be a rare exception.

Q&A: Greg Skulman, Part 2

It's time for the second part of our Q&A with former Razorback basketball player Greg Skulman (here's part 1).

Q&A: Greg Skulman, Part 3

Drama. Intrigue.

Q&A: Greg Skulman, Part 1

If you've come here looking for a detailed breakdown of Saturday's Red-White game, you are bound to be, uh, disappointed.

Now What Do We Do? Tips on Surviving Until Fall Practice

It seems like ages have passed since Casey Dick went out a winner in Little Rock last November.

Wally Hall Remixed

I know we've been posting a lot of Wally Hall content lately, and although I worry a bit about running that theme into the ground, it's the offseason and pickings are slim.

Did Coach K Get Strip Searched at the Canadian Border?

One has to wonder about that after reading the Ol' Greybeard's column from this morning.

A Very Simulating Experience

Well, the college basketball season is officially over (of course, for Razorback fans it's been over for a few weeks now, if not longer).