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Blowout: Little Rock’s beauty and tattoo workers talk pandemic

We talked to five people in (and around) the beauty and grooming industry about COVID-19-related closures, and about what they see coming in the months ahead. 

A guide to sports on the screen in the age of COVID-19

Where to watch sports in a (mostly) sports-less world.

Wednesday Night Poetry marks its 1,626th consecutive week with a virtual open mic

The legendarily long-running poetry series in Hot Springs goes live tonight at 7 p.m. CST on the WNP Facebook page, with "video poems" from over 40 poets near and far presented as a "virtual open mic." 

Make a movie this weekend for 48 Hour Film's "Stuck at Home" series

Holed up at home? Might as well make a movie.

Surviving the coronavirus: A Q&A with Ashlie Atkinson

We caught up with Atkinson yesterday about the virus, its impacts on New York economy, and why you should listen to the folks telling you to STAY HOME. 

Free resources to keep your kids entertained at home

Check out these free online resources for kids that will hopefully make social distancing a little bit easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

Shoog Radio's got your local livestream calendar

Check out Shoog Radio's weekly Gig Guide — this week, a compilation of local artists with livestreams scheduled this week, or artists who lost gigs this week due to cancelations.

Museum of Discovery hosts cardboard construction contest

If home deliveries mean you've got some cardboard lying around, put it to use in a tinkering project co-sponsored by Museum of Discovery and Baldwin & Shell Construction Co. 

RIP Michael "Bircho" Birch

Known to most as “Bircho,” Birch grew up in Little Rock and Hot Springs, and attended Central High. He was best known to many friends and fans as drummer in the highly influential 1990s Little Rock/Washington, D.C. punk band Trusty.

Take a "cocktail class" with Ashlie Atkinson

Check out Arkansas native Ashlie Atkinson’s rendition of Hansol Jung’s “Cocktail Class” monologue on Instagram.

More quarantine to-dos: Terry Border, the Internet Archive and more

More stay-at-home pursuits from Arkansas Times staff and contributors.

Trillium Salon Series goes remote with Amos Cochran concert

The album’s three solo piano tunes and five pieces for piano, violin and cello will be performed at 7 p.m. Saturday, April 11, and live-streamed from the Facebook page for Fort Smith’s SOL Studios.

Behind 'The Elements of a Home:' A Q&A with design historian Amy Azzarito

A conversation with art historian and former Arkansas resident Amy Azzarito about her new book, "The Elements of a Home: Curious Histories behind Everyday Household Objects."

Recommended reading: "The Overstory"

Powers' novel is an enthralling contradiction: It is a page-turner about trees and a story about the natural world that highlights what makes us human. It’s also really long, perfect for filling up your suddenly free hours.

Ten Arkansas records to buy during Bandcamp's revenue share waiver

On Friday, March 20, Bandcamp — a streaming platform known for paying artists a bigger share of profits than competitors like Spotify, is waiving its revenue share for all sales conducted between midnight Thursday, March 19, and midnight Friday, March 20. That means more money goes into the pockets of Arkansas musicians like the one on the list provided here.

Schedule your lunch around Argenta Reading Series' mid-day dispatches

ARS Director Guy Choate’s keeping the spirit of the public series going digitally every day at 12:30 p.m. on the ARS Facebook page, by reading work from authors who have appeared at ARS in the past.

Recommended podcast: "Surviving Y2K"

Dan Taberski’s second season of his “Headlong” podcast series (sandwiched between equally interesting seasons focusing on Richard Simmons and the “Cops” television show) is a brilliant, six-episode deep dive into this strange moment in human history, one with some obvious and not so obvious parallels to today.

The ASO's "Bedtime with Bach" series is your new lullaby

Musicians, Irvin said, are “used to this process of practice, rehearse, rehearse, concert. And it’s kind of like, we need to get our fix. We need our audience. We need to be playing for people. And we don’t have that, so hopefully we can have a new way of doing it for the time being, until we can get back in the hall.”

Six off-the-beaten-path streaming services

So you’ve been “socially distanced” for a while now and have driven yourself crazy trying to find something else on Netflix, Hulu or Prime that you might want to watch. What now?

Available now: A Criswell sketchbook

A decade of sketches by one of Arkansas's best.